Ten on Tuesday (the Wednesday edition)

I totally meant to do this last night before I went to sleep… but Robert was in a “not sleeping” mode last night which made for an incredibly late night for me.  So here goes… “Ten On Tuesday, the Wednesday Edition”

1.  Robert’s newest obsession is the bath tub.  He loves taking baths and can get quite demanding when he gets it in his head that it is bath time.  Since I have to be in there with him it has become my new reading room.  We both win.  And I have the cleanest kid in town!

RC Bath 2

RC Bath

2.  Robert and I spent the day at my Mom’s yesterday.  I will miss this when I go back to work.  Being able to just go out there on a random day and hang out.  Robert spent the day charming his granny.  Then he decided he wanted to play with the broom.  It was a nice enough day so I put him in the back yard.  Before I knew it he was at the door telling me “Animals in Trouble”.  He was playing WonderPets.  Of course I had to go out and play too.  We also got out the wagon and I pulled him around the yard.  No wonder I was pooped last night.

RC Smiling

RC Broom

3.  Robert is starting to get more and more vocal when I take something away from him that he shouldn’t have.  He still gets over it pretty quick but not as quickly as he used to.  It’s a wee bit frustrating but we’re working through it.

4.  As frustrating as the melt downs are the upside is he will now run up to me, throw his arms around my neck and say, “Love you!” without be told “Love you” first.  His eyes dance when he’s happy and he’s learning more and more things each day. 

5.  I wish that interviewers would call back in the time frame they say they would.  If the answer is no I would rather just hear it. 

6.  We are still working on figuring out the bobbin in the sewing machine.  I’m ready to make Robert a crayon roll up!

7.  Jim has started using the phrase, “I have to go to work in the morning”.  It hurts.  I’m not staying home because  I want to be right now.  I work harder during the day than he does and my “job” right now doesn’t end at 5pm.  Last night when Robert wouldn’t go to sleep Jim went to bed leaving me to deal with it…. until 1am.  This morning when he called he said, “I’m sorry, but I had to sleep because I go to work in the morning.”  It was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I doubt I hear that phrase again.

8.  Kansas City’s schizophrenic weather patterns are back.  This Friday the forecast is rain and low 70s… Saturday cold with the chance of snow.  I’m ready for SPRING… for it to get here and stay here and for trips to the park and running around in the back yard.  And sandals (since I never seem to be able to find matching sock for Robert these days).

9.  I have finished two books this month and there is a strong chance I’ll finish a third… yeah!!!  I need to pick up Happiness Project again and get back to work on my Happiness Project.

10.  Mel kitty still does not like Robert to hold him.  He will tolerate Robert petting him when I hold him.  But in spite of that, when Robert fell asleep on the couch the other night Mel hopped up and curled up next to him… go figure.  I guess he likes sleeping Robert.


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