Ten on Tuesday

1.  So excited that “The Blind Side” came out on video today.  I watched it today, am making Jim watch it tonight and am getting ready to download the iTunes version to load it on the iTouch… yes, I seriously love this movie.


2.  This weekend was the gala for one of Mom’s charity’s.  We go every year.  This year the weather was atrocious… like last year.  We had an OK time.  Erika watched Robert for the night… he slept from 6:30pm until 9:30pm (we left at 5:15).  He also managed to eat chicken nuggets, a hot dog and ice cream and have two baths.  He was in toddler heaven!

3.  Robert is seriously, seriously in love with our “dirty clothes” trunk.  I thought it would be a nice way to disguise the dirty clothes in our bedroom and be semi-functional as a bench at the end of the bed.  Robert on the other hand thinks it’s great to remove any dirty clothes and lie in while he watches TV.  He will often request that we cover him up.  He actually fell asleep in it the other night.

RC in Trunk

4.  Today Robert climbed up in my lap, laid over, pointed to his cheek and said, “kiss!”.  I obliged and he said “gross” and then giggled so hard he almost fell off the couch… little toad!

5.  The Jayhawks lost Saturday night… ugh!  Totally wrecking my bracket… grrr.

6.  The weather here today was just gorgeous.  We didn’t get out to enjoy it thinking we could go out tomorrow.  Looked at the forecast and it’s rain the rest of the week… ugh!

7.  Saturday there is a fundraiser at the zoo… Pancakes for Penguins… I’m hoping the weather is decent so we can go.  I think Robert would enjoy it.

8.  Waiting for the phone to ring is driving me friggin crazy.

9.  I still haven’t figured out the bobbin problem on the sewing machine.  Maybe this week.

10.  Tomorrow night I need to go find suitable invitations for the shower so that I can get them in the mail.


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