Picnic at the Park

I tried to convince Robert all day to go to the park… he kept saying, “Not yet”.  So, when Daddy got home he suggested we grab some burgers and chicken strips and head to the park.  Robert wasn’t interested in eating while we were there so he ate his on the way home.  He had a lot of fun playing

My favorite picture from the night

RC Climbing

RC Climbing 2

RC Sliding 4

RC Sliding 3

RC Sliding 2

RC Sliding


RC Swinging

RC Swinging 3

RC Swinging 2

Daddy even let him try out a big boy swing…

RC Swinging 4

The forecast is rain rain and more rain tomorrow… ugh!  I am so sick of rain and don’t even get me started on snow!  I’m ready for real spring with real spring temperatures!  Due to the forecast we are skipping Pancakes for Penguins at the Zoo.  We’ll do the zoo another day.  Sunday there is a big Easter egg hunt in Leawood so we’re hoping to make that… he has his boots in case it’s muddy… and he is a champion at stomping in puddles.

Texted a lot with my niece tonight.  She had a pregnancy test come back positive.  Only 17 years old… breaks my heart.  She’s scared out of her mind but I assured her we could get through this.  It’s not really a surprise… her mother, her aunt and her cousin on her Mom’s side are all teen mothers… I just hoped she would break the cycle.  I’m not mad at her or upset with her… I just know she has so much potential and a baby makes things that much harder.  The good news is she is smart and she is caring so if she will just believe in herself it will all work out.  All I can do is love her, and I do.


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