Sunday we went to the Leawood Eggstravaganza… it was a lot of fun.

Egg Hunt 8

Egg Hunt 9 

Robert was NOT impressed with the Easter Bunny… in fact wanted NOTHING to do with it.

Not the Bunny!

On the other hand… large Doberman pinchers dressed as police men are to be worshipped…. he loved Chopper!


We played on the playground (when he wasn’t following Chopper around) and then it was time to head over to the big field to hunt eggs.  He found a lot of eggs and had a great time.

Egg Hunt 1

Egg Hunt 2

Egg Hunt 3

Egg Hunt 5

Egg Hunt 6

Being goofy on the way home with his basket.

Egg Hunt 10 

He’s decided to advertise that he is single..

Ladies Man

Eight years ago today my Dad passed and I miss him as much now as I did eight years ago.  A lot has changed but not the fact that there is a huge void now.  We were sitting in church this morning when  I turned around to see a dear old friend who lives about an hour away walk in.  He was the pastor of my church growing up and knew my Dad well… it was such a wonderful surprise.

Robert was “busy” during the service.  He knows where the cookies are in the narthex and decided to go help himself… but for the most part he was pretty well behaved.


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