Life With Houdini Jr.

Onery Robert

Robert’s latest obsession has been doors and figuring out how to open them… which led us to stepping up the locks in the house.  Everything is nicely secured now with the exception of the sliding glass door to the deck in our bedroom.  We bought two matching locks and one worked fine in the dining room on that door but the wood work is thicker in the bedroom so we had to position it differently.  Unfortunately if you open the door and then close it really quick it will be unlocked. 

Guess who figured that one out this morning.  Yep, mother of the friggin year for me.  I’m sitting in the living room when I hear knocking on the dining room door.  There was Robert in all his two year old glory… a t-shirt, pull up and one sock standing on the patio.  I hustled him inside, explained in a calm rational manner the he was NOT to go outside without Mommy.  Of course, Jim left for the week this morning so I knew I was on my own to figure this one out.  I remembered that our house alarm has a door chime feature so I went down to the keypad to figure out how to turn on the door chime. 

No sooner did I press the button than the keypad announced “Zone Four Sliding Glass Door Open”  I ran upstairs and caught him on the deck.  The minute he saw me he jumped inside, slid the door shut, hopped in the trunk at the end of my bed and shut the lid.  I had to turn away because I was cracking up.  I soon discovered that I can’t hear the door chime in the living room.  Grr.  So I called ADT to see if we could increase the volume.  After thirty minutes we discovered we couldn’t.  But I was on the phone and I think out loud and said “So, I need to find some way to amplify this”, then it struck me… the baby monitor we don’t use anymore.  So, there is now a baby monitor in the laundry room by the keypad and it announced to me quite nicely when a door opens… of course, he didn’t open the door any more today.

The whole experience did remind me that 40 years ago my Mom sent my brother who was about 3 at the time to his room for some infraction.  My dad was working in the back yard and here came Brad, Dad didn’t know he was supposed to be in his room so he didn’t think anything of it.  Mom went looking for Brad and found he had taken the screen out of his window and was playing in the back yard… it’s genetic.


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