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Walking The Dog

This morning Robert found one of Harley’s leads… and took her out to the yard for a walk… without shoes, or my permission.  He was so proud of himself.


This was the face when he realized I wasn’t thrilled.


After a little talk about not going outside without asking first (I heard the door alarm so I knew he had gone out) we found his boots and the walk continued.



Harley deserves extra treats for the degradation of being paraded around her own back yard.  He really, really loves her.  Every child needs a dog.





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Ice Cream CONE!!!

Today I needed to take a program I did the design work on to my Aunt so that we could get it to the printer for her event next week.  Se and my uncle took us  out to lunch… at Fritz’s of course… and then stopped for ice cream after the printer.  Robert wanted a CONE.  He was so excited about his first ice cream cone…. and a very sticky mess when we got home.

AJ 1

AJ 2

AJ 3

AJ 4

AJ 5

AJ 6

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Wednesday at the Park

Wednesday we met up with Clark and Amy at Penguin Park.  Robert had a great time playing.  He has absolutely no fear and this trip to the park he really didn’t care if I was near him or not… perfectly content to climb and play on his own.  It was a nice break in the middle of the day.

PP - Climbing 2

PP - Climbing 3

PP - Climbing 4

PP - Climbing 5

PP - Climbing 6

PP - Climbing

PP - Dinosaur

PP - Firetruck

PP - Merry Go Round 2

PP - Merry Go Round

PP - Running 2

PP - Running 4

PP - Running 5

PP - Running 6

PP - Sliding

PP - Swing 2

PP - Swing

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Check This Out

I took these…


… and made this…

Berry Pie

… and it was easy and delicious!!!  My first berry pie.  And I have enough berries to make another one so I have a feeling I’ll be doing that Friday morning.

I also made an Italian casserole and steamed asparagus.  It was a big hit with Jim.

Italian Dinner

My sous chef on the other hand took this…

Robert Raspberries

… and made this.

Raspberry Head

Yep… raspberries mashed into the head… a classic dish.

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15 Minutes

My life has become 15 minute intervals… and it’s working.  I look around and there is so much to get accomplished in a day.  The house needs to be cleaned, dinner needs to be made, resumes need to be sent out, phone calls need to be made,Robert needs to be played with, let the dog in, let the dog out, let the dog in…   It can get a bit overwhelming, and lately a bit paralyzing where it seems there is so much to do I can’t do it all so it paralyzes me.  So I started doing things 15 minutes at a time.  In 15 minutes I can:
— take a shower
— make Robert lunch
— prep part of the dinner meal
— unload and load the dishwasher
— gather a load of laundry and get it started
— download job leads
— respond to leads I’ve downloaded

You get the picture.  It’s actually been very freeing.  It lets me accomplish something quickly so I feel like SOMETHING is DONE and I can move forward.

I’m cooking dinner every night this week.  I think I’ve mentioned that.  There are a couple of reasons for that but the foremost was this was a way that I could show love to Jim.  He does most of our cooking and does a good job.  This week he is teaching close enough that he can have a bit of an extended commute (still less than an hour each way) but still be home every night.  I knew it would be easier for him if he didn’t get home and have to make dinner too.  Since I’m cooking I decided I wanted to really try to make healthier meals and fix things that he likes even if I don’t like them and won’t eat them.  The past two nights he has really enjoyed the meals.  Last night he asked if I was enjoying making them.  The answer is no.  I don’t like to cook, I really don’t.  And making an entire meal gets stressful… like last night I had three things going at once and it makes me nervous and flustered… I don’t like being out of my element.  But today when I was prepping veggies I realized there is one part that I have enjoyed.  The prep time has become my meditation time.  My time to mentally process things, think and pray on them.  Meditation through meal making.

With that… my 15 minutes here is up.  Time to jump in the shower so Robert and I can meet friends at the park for some play time.

I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite pictures.  I love his smile.


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Renaissance Man

Today Robert cooked “lunch for Mommy”… Honey Nut Cheerios in a light White Grape and Peach Sauce… it was yummy!

Lunch for Mama 1

Lunch for Mama 2

Lunch for Mama 3

He also helped cook dinner.

Couch Cooking

After dinner he put on a piano concert.

Piano Recital 1

Piano Recital 2

Piano Recital 3

Later on in the performance he added a microphone so he could sing too… and he had Daddy accompany him on the drums.

Piano Recital 4

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Ten On Tuesday

I am wiped so this is gonna be quick and off the cuff tonight.

1.  Dinner was once again a success.. and the fire department didn’t have to come.  Only three more nights in this little cooking challenge.

2.  It’s 10pm and Robert still hasn’t fallen asleep… and he had no nap today.  Ugh!  Yesterday he had a late nap and was awake until 1.. I was up until 4.

3.  Google “Odessa Missouri Black Flag Club” to read about what’s happening in my hometown.  It’s concerning but a lot of people are going way overboard.  Hopefully level heads will prevail.

4.  Harley is about to get on my last nerve swiping the oven mitts off the counter and running through the house with them.

5.  Lack of sleep really makes me cranky.

6.  Tomorrow I have some applications to fill out and a graphic design piece to work on for my Aunt.  I hope Jim is prepared to have some quality time with Robert when he gets home.

7.  I forgot to pick up raspberries at the store Monday so I’m going to have to go to the store tomorrow to get them for the pie… grrrr.

8.  Is 10:30 too late to make cupcakes???

9.  If I make the cupcakes how many am I going to eat????

10.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just eat the frosting at this point?

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