The Farm Opened!!!

Today was opening day at Deanna Rose Farmstead.  Robert was up late last night so we got off to a bit later of a start than I had hoped for.  Our first stop was Dunkin’ Donuts where I introduced Robert to the magic of munchkins.

Dunkin Donuts 1

Dunkin Donuts 2

After a hearty breakfast it was off to the farm!  He was so excited to see all the animals.  In the car he kept saying he was going to see “goats, cows, neighs and sheeps”.

Can you tell he was a bit excited???  This is what makes it all worth it, when you see him get super excited about something.

Goat Pen 9

Goat Pen 10

Goat Pen 11

Goat Pen 1

Goat Pen 3

Mom!!!  Can we take this one home????
Goat Pen 2

Goat Pen 4

Goat Pen 5

Goat Pen 6

Goat Pen 7

Goat Pen 8

Goat Pen 12

Goat Feeding 1

Goat Feeding 2

Goat Feeding 3

Goat Feeding 4

Bottle Feeding 1

Bottle Feeding 2

Bottle Feeding 3

Bottle Feeding 4

Bottle Feeding 6

Bottle Feeding 10

Bottle Feeding 11

Bottle Feeding 13

Bottle Feeding 14

Bottle Feeding 15

The farm was pretty crowded and Robert has had a really busy week.  The big goats weren’t really into being fed yet, it’s their first day back so they’re getting into the groove too.  He started wanting me to carry him so we decided to head on home, we will go back soon.  He fell asleep in the car on the way home and has been crashed out on the couch for two hours now.  Jim will be home in a few hours and we’re both ready for him to be back.

Tuckered Out

Tuckered Out 2

In other news, I called a friend of mine who I thought might know the guy I interviewed with yesterday, she did and is making some calls to some other people on my behalf… gotta love networking!


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