Wow!!!  We had a super busy, super great day!  We started off heading to church.  Robert was reading and texting on the way to church.  Unfortunately he was not so calm at church…. he was down right exhaustingly busy!


After church we went to see the bunny statues on the Plaza.  This is definitely going to be a yearly tradition.  Robert thought they were great.  It was such a gorgeous day… perfect for getting some pictures.Robert Plaza Bunny Shake

Plaza Mom & Robert

Robert Plaza Bunny Nose

Robert Plaza Kissing Bunny

Plaza Robert Kangaroo

Plaza Robert Lion

Plaza Mom & Robert 3

Plaza Mom & Robert 4

Plaza Mom & Robert 5

I love this picture.

Plaza Mom & Robert 2

After church we headed over to Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward’s.  Aunt Sue, Uncle Ross and Mom were there too.  Robert was not real interested in lunch (which was delicious and we were all stuffed!) and spent some time on the front porch watching traffic and making phone calls.  He did come back  to the table in time to eat three of Granny’s special cupcakes.

Porch Phone Call 1

Porch Phone Call 2

Porch Phone Call 3

After lunch we went outside and played with toys.

Aunt Barb



Train 2

While we were inside cooling down  the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs so Robert headed out to find them.EH 1

EH 2

He was hilarious.  He had to shake the eggs before he put them in the basket to make sure there was something in them.

EH 3

EH 4 

EH 5

Uncle Ward helped him with eggs that were up too high for him to reach.  Every child should have an Uncle Ward.  He is so good with Robert.

EH 6

EH 7

EH 8

EH 9

EH 10

EH 11

EH 12

EH 13

EH 14

EH 15

EH 16

Robert’s rules of opening Easter Eggs:

First pick out an egg.

Egg Opening 1

Next open it up and empty it into the basket.

Egg Opening 2

Make sure all of it is out.

Egg Opening 3

Toss the egg over your shoulders and yell “trash!”

Egg Opening 4

Egg Opening 5

Choose another egg.

Egg Opening 6

He did that with EVERY egg.  We were laughing hysterically.  I was so sorry I didn’t have the video camera with me.

The sign of a successful day… one kiddo tuckered out in the car.

Crashed in Car

Crashed in Car 2

He went from the car to the couch where he finished his nap.

Crashed on Couch

It’s going to be a busy week.  Jim was supposed to be out of town but that trip got cancelled.  I’m holding my breath all week waiting for a call back from the interview I went on last week…. please, please, please send me some good karma… this would be an awesome job!  Next weekend Mom and I are hosting a baby shower for our friend Jessica so I have some stuff to finish up for that.  There is also a whole lot of house cleaning that needs to happen that got neglected last week when Jim was out of town.


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