Ten On Tuesday

1.  My niece’s boyfriend broke up with her this morning (she’s pregnant) so she came over to spend the day with us.  She’s stressed out but doing OK.  I’m glad she’s taking a pretty mature attitude about things.  Her mother is driving her nuts being “so excited about becoming a grandma”… um excuse me, she’s 17, you’re 37… this is not exactly wonderful (nor is it insurmountable catastrophic).  Her mother has announced it to the world on Facebook AND took her to register at Babies R Us last Friday… she’s 6 weeks pregnant, I think registry is a bit premature.

2.  We took Robert to get a hair cut because he was beginning to sport a Justin Bieber.  We got him a faux hawk.  He looks adorable but he also looks older… ugh!!!  He does have such a sweet face  🙂



FH 3

FH 4

3.  Since it was beautiful today we decided to spend the afternoon in the back yard.  Robert got some new bubbles and had a blast playing with them.


Bubbles 2

Bubbles 3

Bubbles 4

Bubbles 5

4.  He also played a little golf.

Golf 1

5.  He needs to work on his swing a bit.

Golf 2

6.  Then he mowed the grass.

Mower 1

Mower 2

7.  I raked up leaves and picked up debris.  I got two bags of yard waste and a trash bag full of other oddities that have blown into our yard. 

8.  Now I’m starting to think raised beds for some vegetables and getting some grass seed down in the paths Harley has beaten.

9.  I got two calls for interviews today… one tomorrow afternoon in person and one phone interview on Friday.  Send me some karma!!!

10.  Robert was in our bedroom watching TV at dinner time so I let him have a picnic.  He cleaned his plate and then fell asleep still clutching his fork in his hand.

Food Sleep 1

Food Sleep 2

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