Blue Skies!

This is what the sky has looked like here the past two days… sunny and not a cloud in sight!

Blue Sky

So we have spent every minute we can outside.  Yesterday it was all play.  Today Jim did a lot of yard work and started up the smoker.


We’ve played with chalk…

Chalk 1

Chalk 2

We’ve played fetch with Harley…


Fetch 1

Fetch 2

Fetch 3

We’ve played with our Little Tykes car…

Car 1

Car 2

Car 3

We’ve played lots and lots of golf…

Golf 3

Golf 4

Golf 5

Golf 6

Golf 7

Golf 8

He loves to pretend the golf club is a guitar.

Golf 9

Golf 10

Golf 11

We also played a lot in the swing.  As a matter of fact, he fell asleep in the swing today…

Swing 1

Swing 2

Swing 3


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