Flowers for Mama!

It’s another gorgeous day and we are spending it in the back yard.  Robert was the one who decided it was time to go to the back yard.  He’s been a bear on and off all morning.  I woke up to him demanding “cakes!”.  He grabbed my cheeks and kept repeating it more and more clearly as to be sure I understood… he wanted one of Granny’s cupcakes.  A few hours later he wanted another… I only have one left, I’m getting scared of what is surely to come later when he realizes they are all gone.  I’ve already put a call into my Mom warning her of an upcoming crisis  🙂

Mostly the bear part coming out when I announce it’s time to change his diaper.  After our last diaper change he went into my room and shut the door… I knew this meant he was planning an escape onto the deck.  So I waiting.  Sure enough a few minutes later Harley growled to alert me he was in the back yard… wearing nothing but a diaper and an oversized t-shirt.  So I decided to move to the deck.  I got him changed into some actual clothes and his sandals and off he went to play.

While he was playing in the yard he discovered some dandelions (I know my Dad is somewhere shaking his head at the fact I have dandelions in the yard… hey Pop, you might want to be more concerned about the multiple bare patches and thin grass… rest assured I’m working on fixing it but it’s going to take some time and money… one I have plenty of, the other I’m working on).  I watched as Robert slowly bent down and examined the dandelions, touched them gently, proclaimed, “flowers!” and began to pick two of them.  He then turned around to present them to me.  His face was so proud as he exclaimed, “Flowers for you Mama!”  And I melted, and snapped pictures, because of course I had the camera at ready.  Those two dandelions were more beautiful than any bouquet I have ever received.  And the fact that he was so proud that he was giving me something.  I want to raise him to be a giver.  I love that he takes delight in being able to present someone with something.

Flowers 3

Flowers 2

Flowers 1

He also got brave enough to start climbing the rock wall.  Luckily he only made it up on the first ledge.  I try to discourage him from climbing on it but know that it is just too big of a temptation… it is his Everest.

Rock Wall 6

Rock Wall 5

Rock Wall 4

Rock Wall 3

Rock Wall 1

Rock Wall

Rock Wall 7


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