Ten On Tuesday

1.  MTV’s “16 & Pregnant” just pisses me off every time I watch it.

2.  We spend all day outside soaking up the sun and the past two nights Robert has passed out before we had a chance to get him into the bath tub… he officially stinks and will be in a bath first thing in the morning.

3.  It was rather surreal watching the season premier of Deadliest Catch tonight… seeing Captain Phil larger than life on the screen knowing his fate in the end.

4.  I finished Jen Lancaster’s “Bitter is the New Black” today and can’t wait to get her other books.  Seriously laugh out loud funny.

5. Jim is taking off Friday since he’s out of town next week so I’m trying to figure out something for us to do.  A friend tipped me off that the Royals give stadium tours… we might go check that out.

6.  Saturday we are walking in the MS Walk with my friend Amy who has MS.

7.  My Uncle is having back surgery Monday.  My Aunt called today to see if Robert and I could come sit with him on Wednesday while she goes to a meeting (we can).  I hope all goes well with the surgery… I wish Jim was in town next week so that I could do more if they need it.

8.  I need to start reading “The Happiness Project” again.  It was really good but I put it aside when a couple of other books came out and I need to get back to it.

9.  I’m really wishing there was something chocolaty or sweet in the house right now.

10.  Still waiting on the perfect job to come around… not to the universe… I’m ready, bring it on.


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