Granny’s House and Kauffman Stadium

I am so wiped out.  The weather was so beautiful all week we spent most of our time outside playing.  Yesterday morning this was the scene in my bed.  Robert and Harley horizontal across the bed.

Robert & Harley Asleep

Robert and I went out to spend the day with my Mom.  She made some of her special filled cupcakes for him.  He had a good time “helping” her.

Robert & Granny 2

Robert & Granny

She also was making some cookies for a meeting that night and he kept asking her “you done yet?”  It was so funny.  He and I spent a lot of time playing outside.

Robert Granny's House

We had been playing with a ball in the back yard.  He put it up his shirt and was playing it like a drum.

Robert Ball Drum

Robert Ball Drum 2

Jim leaves for a week on Sunday so he took today off.  We went out to Kauffman Stadium where the Royals play to do their tour.  It was pretty good… but rough with Robert’s pendulum mood swings.

KST Robert Ready

We got to see the dugout and go out on the field.

KST Robert Dugout

KST Mommy & Robert

KST Robert & Mommy 2

KST Daddy & Robert

KST Daddy & Robert 3

KST Daddy & Robert 2

Robert really wanted to play on the Gator… melt down #1.

KST Robert Gator

KST RObert Gator 2

Then we got to visit the press room.  He was a natural with the microphone.

KST Mic 2

KST Mic 3


He was not happy when Mommy said we had to move on… grrr.  Melt down #2.  And if you were wondering, the mic was live!

He thought the larger than life ice cream cone looked real enough to eat…

KST Robert Sheridans 3

KST Robert Sheridans

He also thought the Series Trophy would look really good in his room.

KST Robert Trophy

After the tour we went and had lunch.  Then we stopped by Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward’s house to drop off a book.  They were not expecting us and were not home.  HE WAS NOT HAPPY!!! 

KST Mad 2

He wasn’t buying any of Mommy’s excuses.


Eventually he fell asleep.

KST Asleep In Car

KST Home Asleep

Tomorrow we are participating in the MS Walk for my friend Amy.  She has raised over $1400 this year… I’m so proud of her.  She is going to have a little hospitality tent for our team so I made some blueberry muffins to take.

Tomorrow afternoon we will have to do our Target/Hy Vee run to stock things up since Jim will be gone next week.  I have hit a lot of coupon sites and downloaded our coupons.  We’ve got a lot of coupons for Target & from the manufacturer so I’m going to try “stacking” coupons.


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