Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jim is gone this week to the middle of nowhere Kansas… I’m not sorry I’m not with him.  What I didn’t know was he’s teaching Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday… so basically tomorrow he has nothing to do.  He’s going to be bored out of his skull.

2.  We are spending a TON of time outside these days.  Robert loves, loves, loves being in the back yard.

3.  I mowed the yard today and when I was done Robert re-mowed with his toy mower… for hours.  He was quite serious about the whole thing.

ML 4 472

4.  His new thing when he does something he thinks is good is, “Good job, thumbs up”

ML 9

5.  Some days it’s hard to tell where the boy ends and the dog begins… they play so well together.

RC & Harley

RC & Harley 2

6.  The forecast for the rest of the week includes rain… it simply cannot rain Saturday morning for our photo shoot or Saturday afternoon for the baseball game… it can feel free to rain between noon and four.

7.  Robert came in from playing tonight and crashed out.  I actually changed him into a fresh diaper and pajamas while he slept.

8.  Jim is driving me nuts this trip and it’s only Tuesday.  I know he’s alone in a very remote area with nothing to do but I’m not… I don’t mean to be mean but I can’t just sit and skype or talk to him on the phone all night.

9.  I got a turn down email for a job on Saturday… seriously people, it could have waited until Monday.

10.  My Uncle’s surgery got rescheduled due to a paperwork error… ugh!  I know he’s very uncomfortable and hope they can get the surgery done soon.  He’s back on his blood thinner so they’ll have to wait at least seven days.


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