Ice Cream and Guitars

This morning Robert was on the deck using a baseball bat as a guitar and crooning at the top of his lungs.  I knew it was time to get him the guitar I saw a few months ago at Toys R Us when I got his keyboard.  He really is a musical little guy.

Since it was a nice day and not raining like the weatherman said it would be I decided maybe we should go try out Murray’s Home Made Ice Cream in Westport.  Robert was a stylin little dude today.


After telling me all day he didn’t want to go get ice cream he was sure excited when we got there.  He was so cute.  The girl  behind the counter fell in love with him.  Didn’t hurt that he was using his best manners… lots of please and thank you.

Getting Ice Cream

He was ready to sit down in the middle of the floor and eat.

Sitting on Floor

It was such a nice day we sat outside on the benches.  We were there around 2 so it was before the after school crowd could hit.  It was very relaxing.

Ice Cream 5

Ice Cream 6

Ice Cream 7

Ice Cream 4

Ice Cream 2

Ice Cream

Afterwards we headed to Toys R Us.  It was love at first sight when I handed him the guitar.

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

Guitar 3

Guitar 4

I’ve been treated to a lot of private concerts.  Occasionally I get to play the guitar while he uses a whisk for a microphone.  It was such a fun day.


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