Working on the Forty

Remember my Forty by Forty???  I revisited it today due to something that happened this morning.  I tried on a pair of shorts I could NOT wear last year… no chance in hell… even if I owned Spanx.  Not only do they not fit now… they were really loose!  I couldn’t believe it.  So I decided to step on the scale… I’m down 31 pounds.  And I wore the shorts today (with a slightly oversized t-shirt to hide the fact that you could see my underwear band).  So, technically I only have 9 more pounds to go before my birthday in November but I’m determined not to hit the forty and just stop.  The weight loss has not been super hard.  Now that I’m staying home with Robert my days are a lot different.  Lunch time for me is not 11:30 or noon it’s when I’m hungry.  And it’s not a huge meal, some days it’s a cheese stick and some yogurt or cereal.  I’ve managed to get my body back on a “natural” schedule.  I eat when I’m hungry and smaller amounts, not at a certain time or portion.  I also cut out the sugary soda and have switch exclusively to Cherry Coke Zero or Diet Dr. Pepper.  Exercise is running after the little man.

c25k But I’ve been thinking.  I achieved 31 pounds without really trying.  If I put a little effort into things what could happen.  So I checked into the “Couch to 5K” program.  At first I was intimidated by it.  “Jog for 90 seconds then walk 2 minutes”… oh holy hell, I knew I’d be looking at my watch so much I wouldn’t get anything done.  Then I found they have an iTouch app.  :::insert sound of heavenly angels singing here:::  You train three times a week.  I think it would be cool to take Robert and Jim to the park and they can play while I train.. it’s only 20 minutes.  Also, if Jim wants to try it we could take turns playing with Robert/training.  And realistically, since it seems Jim is ALWAYS on the road these days, I could do this in my back yard.  Robert would think me running around in circles in the back yard is hilarious.

I read about a man who was overweight, had knee problems and was a heavy smoker.  He has now lost a lot of weight, has no joint problems and doesn’t smoke.  Oh to be that!  I figure right now is a pretty sucky time for me.  I don’t like not having a job.  I don’t like having to struggle to find work.  The market is FLOOODED.  It does a number on your self-esteem.  I’ve gotten turned down for a couple of things I would have like to have done but they felt I was overqualified.. ugh!  So, if it’s going to be a long drought I may as well come out of it fit and healthy.  Gotta make lemonade sometimes.

Today was totally out of the “never a dull moment” book.  My aunt and uncle are in a Wii Bowling League at their local senior center and today was the finals so we decided to go watch.  I knew Robert wouldn’t sit through the whole thing so we purposely came towards the end… they were running behind.  What was supposed to be 15-20 minutes turned into over an hour.  So for an hour I followed him up and down stairs and running around the far side of the gym and playing with the water fountains.  My aunt and uncle’s team won the championship… yeah Shawnee Civic Center seniors!!!  Afterwards we went to lunch at Fritz’s (of course) then back to their house to play.  Tonight we hung out around the house and Skype’d with Daddy.

Around 9:15 I heard the vertical blinds in the dining room rustling and called out to Robert to “quit playing in the blinds!”and all of a sudden he cried out, “Mama, I suck!  I SUCK!!!”  (He can’t pronounce the ST sound yet so ‘stuck’ becomes ‘suck’ and it’s one of his favorite phrases right now)  The tone of his voice was a bit off so I went to investigate and sure enough he had his head stuck in the back of a bar stool.  And it WAS stuck.  After about 10 minutes I was finally able to free him.  For a few minutes I thought I was going to have to call the fire department, seriously.  Luckily he was pretty calm through the whole ordeal.  I think it’s time for the barstools to go live in the basement or garage for a bit.  Never dull.

Tomorrow we have got to run to Kohl’s to do some shopping.  We definitely need pants for Jim for the photo shoot Saturday.  And I want to look at a few things for me but a lot is going to depend on how cooperative my little shopper is being. 


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