What A Weekend!

We packed a lot into this weekend… all on Saturday and spent Sunday recovering.  Saturday morning we had our family photo shoot outside at the art museum.  Robert was being less than cooperative… I hope she got something good.  She posted a few previews and they weren’t fantastic so we shall see.  It was an adventure if nothing else, that included getting chastised by security. 

We did fine photographing when we were around the front of the building but then we decided to move to the back side of the building.  Well there is little security guard outside the Bloch Building entrance.  He was probably mid-40s, gay and took his job way, WAY too seriously. Apparently Jim touched a bronze statue and got in trouble.  The we were over by the reflecting pool and Robert was leaning over it and touched the water.  Guard went NUTS!  He can’t touch the water!!!  He will fall in!!!  Like I’m going to let my child drown in an 8 inch reflection pool.  Well then we went over by the shuttle cock… it’s big, it’s in the middle of grass… it’s intriguing, especially if you’re 2… Robert :::gasp::: touched it.  He didn’t climb it, he didn’t spray paint it, he didn’t spit on it.  He TOUCHED it.  Well… guard lost his friggin mind!  "I’ve had to tell you people three times not to touch things, these are delicate works of art!!!  (um, they’re outside getting drenched by acid rain and goose poop dude)  You need to get him under control!!!"  Fine, we’re moving, we’re moving.  It was quite hilarious.  Jim and the photographer were both pretty annoyed with the dude and I did point out he was just doing his job.  Poor guy, if he takes his little security job THAT seriously… he doesn’t even get to carry a gun.

Saturday night we had tickets to the Royals game.  It was raining a bit when we got there but not too bad.  The Royals have a little playground in the new kids area.  Robert saw the playground and :::duh::: wanted to play on it.  He was quickly stopped by their little customer service security people and told he could not play on the playground because it was wet.  But we could ride the carousel.  Later on in the game he could play on it… even when it started raining again.  My poor little boy… he just couldn’t catch a break playing Saturday.  Luckily after the game started they let kids on the kiddie playground.  They have so much for kids to do at the ball park it doesn’t matter if the game is going on.  I didn’t see a single play.  My ball park experience was this:
     Tickets to the game:  $50
     Parking:  $10
     Chicken Tenders:  $8.50
     Ice Cream Sunday in a Helmet Cup:  $6.00
     Carousel Tokens:  $4.00
    Having you two year old have no idea there is a baseball game
         going on:  Priceless
Carousel 1

Carousel 2

Carousel 3

Carousel 4

Carousel 5



Face Paint

Field 2


Playground 2


It didn’t help that I totally zoned that it was Donald’s 6 month sober chip ceremony at AA Saturday night and we had to leave in the second inning so I could get to it.  We had been at the park for three hours and were all pretty tired so it was OK.  The ceremony was nice… although it’s still a shock, my little buddy being in AA at 18.  :::Sigh:::  I did get to meet his sponsor and did really like him.  Of course the day was not without drama from that family.  Their mother’s car got repossessed in the afternoon and my niece was fighting with her and called my Mom and Mom called me to see if I could pick her up… I couldn’t since we were going to the game.  My Mom wound up picking her up and she spent the night with my Mom at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and hung out with my Uncle today while my Mom and Aunt went to the theater.  Then about 8pm she got into it with her mother again and of course called my Mom… who called me.  She’s now curled up on my couch watching a movie and is going to spend the day with me tomorrow.  The whole situation is a big mess and I’m sorry that things are this way but there are limits to what I can do.  I did tell her there would be no screaming and crying in front of Robert.  I don’t want him exposed to this drama, she understood.  It’s a big huge saga and it isn’t going to end any time soon.  I’ll do what I can as long as I can. 

The rest of today we just hung out at home as a family doing some cleaning and I did menu planning for next week and made my shopping list and downloaded my coupons for tomorrow.  We have to go to the City Market for some fresh veggies and fruit and to Planter’s for some spices then the grocery store, Staples and Bed, Bath & Beyond. 


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