Ten On Tuesday

I am wiped so this is gonna be quick and off the cuff tonight.

1.  Dinner was once again a success.. and the fire department didn’t have to come.  Only three more nights in this little cooking challenge.

2.  It’s 10pm and Robert still hasn’t fallen asleep… and he had no nap today.  Ugh!  Yesterday he had a late nap and was awake until 1.. I was up until 4.

3.  Google “Odessa Missouri Black Flag Club” to read about what’s happening in my hometown.  It’s concerning but a lot of people are going way overboard.  Hopefully level heads will prevail.

4.  Harley is about to get on my last nerve swiping the oven mitts off the counter and running through the house with them.

5.  Lack of sleep really makes me cranky.

6.  Tomorrow I have some applications to fill out and a graphic design piece to work on for my Aunt.  I hope Jim is prepared to have some quality time with Robert when he gets home.

7.  I forgot to pick up raspberries at the store Monday so I’m going to have to go to the store tomorrow to get them for the pie… grrrr.

8.  Is 10:30 too late to make cupcakes???

9.  If I make the cupcakes how many am I going to eat????

10.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just eat the frosting at this point?


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