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Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

We had another jam packed fun day today.  Of course Robert wanted to go outside the minute he got up… and since we added the pool he can not be out there alone even for a few minutes.  He wasn’t super interested in the pool first thing… he was more interested in mowing the lawn with the big mower… I hope this enthusiasm is still with us in another 10 years but somehow I doubt it.

Mowing 1

Mowing 2

After lunch he was ready to get in the pool.  I got some soaker squirters at Target the other day and he really liked playing with them.

Pool 1 

Pool 2

Pool 3 

Pool 4
Daddy found out a soaker is no match for a hose!
Pool 6

Pool 7

Pool 8

Pool 9

Pool 10

Pool 11

After we came in and got dried off he had some snuggle time with Daddy.

Daddy Time

After dinner we headed to Antioch Park.  Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward and my grandparents used to take me there when I was little.

Apparently dolphin pillow needed to come with us.  He also tried on Daddy’s hat in the car.

Park 1 - Ready to Go

The park was a lot of fun.

Park 2

Park 3

Park 4

Park 5

Park 6

Park 7

There were geese by the lake… they wouldn’t move off the stepping stones so he could cross.

Park 8 

Move goose!

 Park 9

Since the goose wouldn’t move we decided to go around the trail the other way.  Bye goose!!!

Park 10

My uncle used to carry me across these stepping stones… I remember I was so scared of them.  Robert just needed a little assistance from Jim.  The boy has no fear.

Park 11

Park 12

Park 14

Done with the tour of the lake… back to the playground!

Park 15

Park 16

Park 17

Park 18

Park 19

Park 20

Park 21

Park 22

I called Aunt Barb after we left the park to see if they wanted to meet us for ice cream… of course they did.  We met at Russell Stover’s and Robert’s face lit up when he saw them in the car next to us.  Unfortunately they were closed for  the night.  So we headed to Baskin and Robbins… unfortunately they were closed for good… so we wound up at McDonald’s.  They only had vanilla ice cream so five small vanilla cones please.

Ice Cream 1

Ice Cream 2

Ice Cream 4

Ice Cream 5

Ice Cream 6

Ice Cream 3 

Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward were a major part of my child hood and we are so lucky that they are a big part of Robert’s too.  No one has ever had two bigger fans.  They check his blog daily and always jump at the chance to spend time with him. 

He was super tired when we left McDonald’s and fell asleep on the way home.  I hope he sleeps all night because we have another big day tomorrow. 

Park 23 - Crashed Out

We put him to bed when we got home and Jim and I tackled folding some laundry together and putting more laundry in.  I couldn’t believe when I couldn’t find clean shorts for Robert today.  I just did his laundry the other day!  Guess it’s that two to three wardrobe changes a day.  I’m so glad we had another great family day.  There is nothing better than spending the day together having fun.


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Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

Since I’m not working and Robert isn’t in preschool right now a three day weekend doesn’t mean a whole lot other than more time with Daddy… so we started our weekend Thursday night.  We grabbed our chairs and headed to Zona Rosa to see Stan Kessler and the Sons of Brasil.. a Latin Jazz group.  Robert LOVED it.  He is such a musical little guy… doesn’t matter what kind but helps if it has a good beat and he can dance to it.

Ready for Concert
And dance he did!  He was a few feet in front of us and putting on quite the show!  The people right in front of us were a bit prudish.  He was not blocking their view or being extremely disruptive.  For a few minutes he was making wide circles around their chairs and the woman acted like she was going to stick out her leg and trip him… I couldn’t believe it!   We stayed for about an hour and when Jim was packing up the chairs the gentleman on the other side of me told him it was too bad we were leaving because Robert had been the best entertainment of the evening.


Dancing 2

Friday morning our friend Clark came over to play while his Daddy was at Olivia’s field day.  After Clark left we headed over to Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward’s house for a visit (and so they could check out the new hair do… which matches Uncle Ward’s).  They had bubbles for us to play with.

AB Bubbles 1

AB Bubbles 2

AB Bubbles 3

AB Bubbles 4

And he loves playing with this cart in the yard.AB Yard

We all piled into the Jeep to go to Little Monkey Business for Robert to play but the minute Uncle Ward got in the back seat Robert started saying, “trains”.  He thought we were heading to Fritz’s… so we did.  He ate another round of chicken and fries (he had some at home) and the rest of us had shakes and ice cream.

AB Fritz

We went back to their house and Robert entertained us by destroying their playing in their kitchen. 

AB Kitchen Cooking

AB Kitchen Door 

Saturday morning Jim got up and made us all pancakes for breakfast and then we headed out to the City Market to pick up some vegetables and flowers for Monday.  When we got home Robert went to work in the kitchen.



After lunch I mowed the back yard and Jim set up the new kiddie pool.  Robert had a good time filling it with water.  He said it was the ocean.Pool 1

Pool 3

“Come on in, the water’s fine”.  (an actual quote from him… I don’t know where he picks these phrases up)

Pool 2

I had just planned on getting my feet wet but Robert had other plans.  Daddy thought it was really funny when Robert turned to him and said, “watch this” and then squirted Mommy in the back.

Pool 5

Pool 6

Harley thinks the pool is a big water dish.  She has no problem jumping in and out of the pool.

Pool 4


Gotta keep the water clean!

Pool Boy

We got out of the pool and got dressed and headed to Gardner, KS for the Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Invitational.  They were doing a mass ascension at 7pm.  We got L-O-S-T!  Which is pretty funny since Gardner is not that big… but there were road closings and we were a bit fuzzy on where we were going.  Sometimes being lost can be a lot of fun.  We had a picnic dinner and our lawn chairs.  Isn’t this the cutest picnic basket.  I love that it zips shut AND collapses for storage… tres cool!

He wants to be a photographer.












This face made it all worth while!!!







What a ham!!!


Playing that fun game, I’m not on the other side of the rope, I’m right under it… yet another line drawn in the sand by Robert Charles.


He had so much fun.  After the first balloon took off he ran up to me and said, “Thank you Mama!”… like I had orchestrated the whole evening just for his enjoyment and the other 10,000+ people there were just horning in on our fun.  I will say it did make all the planning, etc. way worth it.


I like that our weekend is getting to be a whole lot of family time and a whole lot of fun time.  Yes, tomorrow we’ll need to do some laundry.  And we will need to run the vacuum.  But we will also play in the pool and we are taking Robert to one of my favorite parks from when I was little for a picnic.  Monday we will go decorate at the cemetery where my Dad’s family is buried and also go see my Mom… and the weekend will be over way too soon because we are having way too much fun.

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Ten On Tuesday

It’s been a great week so far!

1.  We are officially in summer mode.  Sunday afternoon we rode the train at Line Creek… it’s a little train that goes around it’s route 2 times for a total of about 5 minutes and costs $.50 a ride… it’s five minutes from our house and Robert loves it!

LCT One Please
I have my ticket Mr. Conductor

LCT All Aboard!
All Aboard!!!

LCT Ready 2

LCT Looking

LCT Big Smile
Big smile for the Station Master

2.  After the train we took our food down for the Sunday Night Dinner at Ronald McDonald House.  This month’s theme was breakfast for dinner so we took an egg frittata and cinnamon rolls.  They just dedicated a new playground built by Sprint and NASCAR, Robert really enjoyed testing it out and LOVED the blue sand.
RMH Playground 1
RMH Playground 2
RMH Playground 3 

3.  Yesterday we made our first ice cream run of summer… yeah!!!

First Taste


4.  Today Jim had his day in court on the water bill at his parent’s house.  We were absolved of any financial responsibility and it was amended to show that his worthless brother is the responsible party.  Good luck finding him.  He hasn’t paid the taxes on the property either so I’m sure it will be on the courthouse steps soon.

5.  Robert got a new summer hair cut today.  We went with the crew cut.  Really brings out the mischief in his eyes.
What Is She Getting
Not Sure 
What Is Going On

6.  To celebrate we went to Crayola Cafe.
Coloring 1
Coloring 2

7.  Robert also got a stuffed goat.

8.  And Jim got a new hat to match Robert’s.

9.  And I got a bunch of post cards so we can participate in Send Kids the World.  A program where you send postcards to kids with life threatening illnesses.  An easy way to make a difference.  Two Facebook friends are going to participate and I think we’re going to make this one of our Soroptimist community service projects.

10.  We’re making plans for Memorial Day Weekend.  There is a lot of free stuff going on around town.  I think we’re going to go to the park, maybe catch a concert and perhaps check out the hot air balloon festival.  Monday we will do the cemetery run and of course stop at the winery on the way back.

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What A Great Day!!!

All the cleaning, cooking and fretting paid off big time today.  We had a wonderful graduation party for my nephew.  These past few years without his Dad have not been easy and don’t even get me started on his mother (and I use that word loosely).  It was great to have a group of people to come celebrate him.

The cast of characters for the day included… my Mom (Granny), Erika (his sister), Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward, Aunt Sue & Uncle Ross, Bob & Sherry Welch (Bob and my Dad go back YEARS… they apprenticed together starting in the late 50’s and Sherry and my Mom are good friends, and Greg Barstow (another of my Dad’s pipefitter friends, he was an usher at our wedding and he and Robert share a middle name).

I was worried this morning when I saw Donald had been up until 4:30am on Facebook and then panicky when he was not returning my texts.  We were supposed to pick him up for the party.  Luckily at about 12:30 he finally started answering and we were able to get him picked up.

I bought a yard sign and attached a huge balloon to it this morning and put it in the yard.  Some asshole stole it before the party even started… that really ticked me off.

Jim manned the grill and the boys hung out outside and the girls all gathered around the kitchen table.  We had burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, cheddar wurst, rice and summer squash salad, chips and dips, pasta salad and fruit salad.  Everyone loved my cooking (it’s a new found skill and the family is getting used to the fact they can’t tease me about not cooking anymore).  I was so busy hostess-ing I didn’t get nearly the amount of pictures I usually do… looking at the pictures you wouldn’t know there were 14 people here.

Greg got here in time for the present opening.

Robert continued the tradition of a Snoopy card.
Snoopy Card 

I on the other hand went for the mean, now it’s time to get to work card  🙂
AS Card 2

AS Card

I knew I wanted to get him a nice watch for graduation, and Lord know I fretted and fretted choosing one… about drove Jim nuts, “look at this one, do you like this one better, what do you think of this one??”  I finally settled on a nice Invicta watch and he really, really like it.
Watch 1
Watch 2 

Mr. Barstow arriving gift in hand (QT Gas Card.. yeah!!!)
Barstow Arrives 
Apparently when he got here he couldn’t find any street parking so he used my front lawn.  I can’t believe there were no ruts when he left with all the rain we’ve had.  That’s Greg for you, mad as a March hare but would give you the shirt off his back.
Barstow Parking 

My Mom made him this wall hanging.  The denim is all from old Levi’s of my Dad’s.  Donald was named after my Dad and they were the best of buddies.  It really meant a lot to him.
Wall Hangin

Everyone else opted to give cash (which Donald greatly appreciated since he is fixing up a car).  After presents we had cake and lemon bars.  I sent the left over cake “home” with Donald.  He is staying at a friend’s house for a few weeks since they got evicted from their rental house (grrr).

Two of my favorite boys…
Donald & Robert 

Gregory Charles Barstow and Robert Charles Wright…
Greg & Robert

I made up a packet for Donald with everyone’s addresses, thank you notes and stamps and told him I expect him to write thank you’s this week.  No excuses!  My Aunt Barb talked to him about doing some odd jobs for them and Greg took his number because he has a painting job he needs help with so he has some opportunities to make some money I hope he takes advantage of.

Now everyone is gone.  The kitchen cleaned up, the house spotless and the boys are asleep.  I’m headed out to enjoy a mild evening on the deck.

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Ten On Tuesday

Wow… Tuesday again… here goes.

1.  I have an interview tomorrow morning that I’m really psyched for.  I’m not so psyched for having to get on the road twice as early since my child care is the exact opposite direction from the interview and Jim is teaching in yet another direction tomorrow morning but it’s all good.

2.  Motrin PM is my new best friend.  Two nights of very restful sleep under my belt.  It seems to take about an hour for it to really kick in so I’m taking it at 8 tonight and curling up with a book.

3.  I won free tickets to the Just For Her Expo this weekend and am hoping my friend Sheila and I can go Friday night.

4.  Saturday we’re hosting a graduation party for my nephew.  He has promised me he will be here… I really hope so with everything else that’s going on in his life right now.

5. I’m convinced that Robert is part monkey and that explains his exemplary climbing skills (which are driving me crazy).

6.  Tomorrow night I have a dinner and celebration to go to for a women’s service organization I belong to.  This is the meeting where we give out grant monies and I get to accept money on behalf of friends in Zimbabwe who are helping orphans and older people affected by the upheaval in their homeland.

7.  Thursday and Friday are going to be spent doing a serious amount of house and yard work to get ready for Saturday… I hope the weather cooperates.

8.  News helicopters were circling our neighborhood for several hours this afternoon marking the arrest of a man who is suspected of killing his wife 17 months ago.  Robert was thoroughly entertained watching them.

9.  We’re keeping my niece’s cat until they have a permanent place to live again.  So far Paris is not interested in coming out of our garage which is fine… she is seriously the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen.  So ugly she’s cute.

10.  Really hoping by this time next week I can post some good news… if nothing else I have another interview set up for June 4th.

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He’s Into Everything

The days are getting more and more challenging… Robert is seriously into everything these days.  Well, I take that back, he’s not really into having Mommy tell him not to do something.  Its’ led to more than one hard headed stand off recently.

He’s discovered he can move the step stool anywhere he wants in order to help him climb… ugh.

Kitchen Cabinet 1

Kitchen Cabinet 2 He loves grabbing my laptop if I leave it unattended even for a few seconds.

Blog Update 1

Blog Update 2

He loves letting himself outside to dance in the rain… and all it does anymore is rain.

Rain Dance 2

Rain Dance

He likes to fish with sticks off the deck…

Deck Fishing 1

Deck Fishing 2

He is also loving to help in the kitchen.  Sunday morning he helped Daddy make pancakes.

Pancakes 1

Pancakes 2

Then he helped me make cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party.

Cupcakes 1

Cupcakes 2 

We went to our friend  Scott’s 50th Birthday Party.  There were kitties there and he liked playing with them.

Kitty 1
Kitty 2

He also loves to eat cupcakes.Cupcake Eating 1

Cupcake Eating 2

His little palette is expanding a bit.  The other night he had grilled chicken and mac n’cheese for dinner instead of chicken nuggets and fries.
Eating Dinner 1
Eating Dinner 2
Eating Dinner 3 
Harley likes to watch him eat from the window in hopes that he doesn’t finish his dinner.
Harley Window

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I’ve Had It

This week has been a bear to say the least.  Monday and Tuesday was spent recovering from my pulled muscle.  It’s still not 100% but it’s a lot better.  The rest of the week has been spent dealing with the fallout of my nut-job ex-sister in law’s pathetic mothering skills.  They’re getting evicted from their house for not paying rent.  A few weeks ago her car got repossessed… she says she gave her mother the money and her mother didn’t pay the bills… which could actually be true because her mother is as big of flake as she is.  Personally I could give a rat’s ass about her but my niece and nephew are affected by this.  My niece is pregnant (at 17… ugh) and was at the ER twice this week with cramping and bleeding.  Apparently they gave her a prescription the first visit and her mother doesn’t have money to get it filled.  Yesterday when she was released her mother didn’t have money to buy Tylenol.  But she has money to buy concert tickets and go gambling at the boat and eat lunch out everyday.  Not to mention she gets social security death benefits from my brother for the kids.  They have a week between when they have to be out of their current house and when they can move into the next one.  So my niece has gone to my Mom’s house and my nephew isn’t sure where he is going yet.  He called me yesterday to ask if he could borrow $10… he was hungry… there is no food in their house.  It pisses me off!  I gave him the $10 and made sure he knew we ALWAYS have food and if he is hungry to call me or just show up.  My niece is constantly fighting with her mother and then calling my Mom and getting my Mom all upset… it’s a cluster fuck to say the least.  And I’m caught in the middle because I live 10 minutes from the kids and Mom calls me to go pick up/rescue/do whatever.  Like when Mom called Wednesday night to tell me she needed me to help move Erika out Thursday… and I had to have Jim stay home to watch Robert… and then Erika never woke up to answer the door so Jim was home for no reason and Erika was pissed when we wouldn’t all come back five hours later when she finally woke up.  I worry about my Mom and how much she is worrying about my niece.  And my niece is in serious need of growing up… she will get mad at my Mom for not dropping everything and doing something for her the minute she wants it… it’s a mess.  But enough about that.

Jim had his sleep test last night and definitely has sleep apnea.  Which explains why it seems he sleeps all the time but is so fatigued.  So we will be getting the Darth Vader mask for him.  Hopefully if we can get his sleep on track it will help get his blood pressure in line and also help him get some of the weight off.

Robert was in fine form today.  I haven’t slept the past few nights and was really dragging today.  He managed to find a pair of scissors and luckily didn’t destroy anything.  He climbed up on the pot rack and got down a knife and was trying to cut a potato when I found him and wound up nicking his finger… didn’t even cry until I took the knife away.  Then he got in our bathroom and found the iron… put it on the trunk at the end of our bed, removed the outlet cover and plugged it in… ruined the iron and the trunk but didn’t burn himself and I found it before it burned the house down.  This weekend will be another round of “Robert-Proofing”.  Ugh.  Mother of the year award for me.  What was funny was when Jim got home I took him into the bedroom to show him the trunk… Robert walked in, looked at the trunk, looked at us, threw his hands in the air and shouted… “HUGS!”  So we all got cleaned up and headed out to get dinner and go to Target.

I love the Target dollar spot… found this sword and axe for $1 each.  They entertained Robert and Jim for the shopping trip.  A Target associate smiled at us and said we were having way too much fun.


Weapons 2

Weapons 3

We also revealed Iron Man’s true identity.

Iron Man

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