Friday Happenings


My point and shoot camera is giving out.  I think the lens has gotten messed up because it’s just not giving good, crisp pictures.  I love my Canon Rebel but it’s not always convenient to haul it around and juggle Robert so I started looking for a new one.  Found another Cybershot (I do really like them) and this one has the new panoramic shot where you can press the button and sweep the camera across the horizon and it will take continuous pictures for 185 degrees then seamlessly sew them together… that sounds super cool.  So now all I have to do is wait for the UPS guy to arrive next week.  Unfortunately it uses a different battery than my other cyber-shot… so I won’t have a second battery for a while, but I can work around that.  I let Jim pick the color.

Jim and I talked tonight and for Mother’s Day I am getting a family weekend trip to Omaha, Nebraska.  It’s a quick 3 hour drive from here and a straight shot all interstate.  Omaha has a cool children’s museum and a world class zoo that I’m dying to take Robert to.  I’m also ready to get away for a few days.  Jim is taking off Friday so we’ll drive up Friday and go to the museum, go to the zoo on Saturday and then drive home Sunday.

My Uncle Ward had back surgery today.  They thought he had compressed disks but it turned out he had a cyst on a disk that had turned into a bone spur.  They removed that and really think it was what was causing his pain.  I think that means his recovery time will be a lot quicker and a lot easier for him.  His blood pressure skyrocketed this morning and I was glad that my Mom was at the hospital with Aunt Barb.  After surgery he was very nauseous and in a lot of pain.  When Mom called my Aunt Sue with the update she decided to drive up and spend the night.  I was glad to hear that.  When Jim got home I ran to the hospital.  The first thing Ward asked me was if I got the ice cream cleaned up in the car… and he smiled.  Even in pain he’s thinking of his time with Robert.  They came and gave my uncle another shot for the nausea and it seemed to work and he was able to eat.  He should go home tomorrow.  I will be taking over an Italian Casserole, salad and loaf of bread for their dinner tomorrow night as well as a Mexican Casserole, pie and yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting (my uncle’s favorite).

A cool thing from the hospital.  Sue’s husband, Ross, does not like small children.  They make him nervous and he just isn’t into them.  I actually really understand this and don’t get offended.  It does mean that they don’t come to a lot of family stuff.  Apparently he really likes Robert.  Sue told me he keeps saying how cute he is and how well behaved he is.  I’m hoping that this means they make more of an effort to come to family things.  They live a couple of hours away now and we hardly ever see them.


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