Weekend Recap

Saturday morning we were happy to see that it was not raining so we loaded up and headed to Brookside for the 25th Brookside Art Annual.  We strolled through the art tents, did a little shopping at the shops at Brookside and then checked out the farmer’s market.

RC on Daddy's Shoulders

RC & Daddy Farmers Market

RC Running to Mommy

RC & Daddy WalkingRC & Mommy 

This poor guy crashed out while we did the rest of our errands.

Asleep in Car

Once we got home it was time for the cooking to begin.  Robert assisted me…

RC Ingredients

I made the Italian casserole and the Mexican casserole, a Caesar salad, Italian bread, cupcakes and  berry pie and took them over to my Aunt and Uncle so they wouldn’t have to cook this weekend while he recovers from his surgery.

While they ate the Italian for dinner I ran to the drug store for his prescriptions and new dressings for the incision.  Good lord trying to figure out which dressings to get could give you a migraine.  When I got back to the house they gave my cooking rave reviews.  They called again yesterday to say they were stuffed and how much they loved it.

Today I started working on a new proposal for work.  Jim’s company is looking for some grant writing and I’m putting together a proposal.  It could be a contract position or it could be a full time position or it could wind up being nothing.  A lot of things to look at in making profitable for all concerned.  We shall see.  There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of research still to be done.  The idea of it being contract is a bit intriguing because that could also free me up to a) stay home with Robert and b) pursue some other writing interests.  But a full time job is always so much more stable.  A lot to think about.

Even though the deal was I would make dinner every night last week, Jim liked my cooking so much I cooked again today.  I really need a new sous chef… this one doesn’t have a clue of what he is doing.  But he is cute and better than my other two options… the dog or the cat.

Sous Chef


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