Adventures In Omaha

We got up early yesterday and hit the road… destination Omaha, Nebraska.  About a three hour drive from home.

Car Goofy

God bless the inventor of the portable DVD player…Car DVD

… and color wonder markers.

Car Coloring

This was my view most of the trip.

Car View

Our first stop was the Omaha Children’s Museum.  Way cool.  A lot of good hands on exhibits.  I think Roberts favorite was this light piano where you hit a button and a corresponding light lit up on the wall with the sound.

CM Light Piano 3

CM Light Piano 2

CM Light Piano 1

CM Groceries

CM Cash Register

CM Building 1

CM Building 2

CM Building 3

CM Carousel

CM Painting 2

CM Painting

CM Gates

CM Slide

CM Stairs

CM Water


CM Window

CM Firetruck

CM RC & Daddy

CM Musical Chair Sculpture

After that we went to Old Town to eat lunch at the Twisted Fork.  Best french dip ever!!!

RC & Daddy Lunch

Then we walked over to Union Station.  They have neat sculptures that talk…

US Talking Statue

And real train and trolley cars you can walk through…

US Train 1

US Trolley Window

And a bell you can ring… it’s really, REALLY loud…

US Bell

And there are benches to relax on when your Mommy is driving you nuts telling you that you are not allowed to duck under the protective ropes in the exhibit even though you fit under them just fine and all you wanted to do was play the really expensive antique piano…

US Bench 2

US Bench

But best of all they have a real old fashioned soda fountain!  Robert got some vanilla ice cream while Jim and I both had skakes… served with the extra shake in the metal mixing cup.US Soda Fountain

US Ice Cream 2

US Ice Cream 3

Robert fell asleep on the way to the hotel…

Car Crashed OUt

But woke up once we got there and made a few phone calls…

CH Phone

He designed a new chair using a luggage rack and his dolphin pillow…

CH Pillow Chair

We went back to Old Town and had dinner at Spaghetti Works.

SW RC & Mommy

They had a lady there who made balloon animals.  She made Robert a puppy.

SW Balloon Lady

We walked around Old Town for a bit and then came back to the room.  Robert had only had a 20 minute nap all day and should have been exhausted but he got his second wind and was up exploring until midnight!


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