Sharks, Bridges, Pools & Fire… Our Saturday

Robert was up late Friday night and a bit reluctant to get up when it was time Saturday… ok… maybe more than a bit.

Waking Up

Waking Up 2

Eventually he did wake up and after breakfast we headed to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  First stop, the Rainforest.

Rainforest 1

Rainforest 2

Rainforest 3

Rainforest 4

Rainforest 5

Rainforest 6

Rainforest 7

Then we went to the aquarium.  He wasn’t really impressed with the penguins but when we walked into the arched aquarium that you walk through and there are fish and sharks swimming all above your head and on both sides… wow!!!  He could have spent the whole day in there!

Aquarium 1

Aquarium 2

Aquarium 3

Aquarium 4

Aquarium 5

Aquarium 6

Aquarium 7

Then we went to wait for the train to take us around the zoo.

Train 1

Train 2

He was happy to see that they serve chicken and fries at the zoo.


After lunch we checked out the desert.

Desert 1

Desert 2

Desert 3

Then we went to see the orangutans and the gorillas and monkeys.


We checked out the new Madagascar exhibit that just opened yesterday and after that  he was getting tired.

Madagascar 1

He was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

Car Crashed

And stayed asleep when we got back to the hotel.

Hotel Crashed

Couch Asleep 

After he and Jim woke up we went to check out the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge that connects Omaha with Council Bluffs, Iowa.  It was very cool.  We only made it about a quarter of the way across but it was still fun.

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Bridge 3

Bridge 4

Bridge 5

Bridge 6

Bridge 8

Bridge 9

Bridge 10

Bridge 11

After the bridge we went and had a lovely steak dinner.  Then back to the hotel.  Robert was not super interested in sleeping so he and Jim headed down to the indoor pool and there was a baby pool just his size.  He had such a great time.

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Pool 4

Pool 5

Robert crashed out a little after 10:30pm and Jim and I stayed up to watch Betty White host Saturday Night Live and laughed out loud several times.  We both went to sleep shortly after the show ended at midnight.

I woke up at 3:00am to Jim saying, “Susanne, wake up, the fire alarm is going off, we need to leave”.  Somehow in the span of two minutes we both managed to use the bathroom, I got my shoes on and grabbed the bag that had my camera, computer and wallet in it.  I opened the door to look out (after feeling it to see if it was hot) and saw smoke at the far end of the hallway.  Jim grabbed Robert and we threw a blanket over him and scurried down the six flights of steps to the parking lot.  We walked around the building to our car and waiting about a half an hour for the fire department to give the all clear.  It took a while to get back to sleep after that.  I am thankful that it appears the fire was small and put out with an extinguisher even before the fire department got there.  I’m even happier that the fire alarms worked and we had ample time to get to safety.  Eight thirty came very early this morning and we packed up and headed home. 

The rest of the day has spent nursing a pulled/torn muscle in my chest and hanging out with my boys.  Jim made ribs, homemade mac ‘n cheese and chocolate chip cookies for dinner.  It’s been a great Mother’s Day weekend.


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