Ten on Tuesday

1.  When we got to the hotel Friday there were two double beds… perfect when travelling with Robert.  He laid down on one and Jim laid down on the other.  They were both vying for me to come lie down with them.  I laid down with Jim and he gave me a hug.  All of a sudden Robert said, in a rather insistent, disgusted voice, “Daddy!  Give me back my Mama!!!”  So I switched beds.

2.  The quote of the trip from Jim occurred when we were waiting for the train and some antelope type animals were getting a bit frisky.  “I think were about to see some breeding going on”.

3.  Today I’ve made Challah bread and lemon bars from scratch and muffins from a mix.  The house smells wonderful.

4.  Robert has the kitchen in complete disarray with all his helping me cook.

5.  All I could think about this morning when Robert asked for muffins was this Saturday Night Live sketch with Betty White.

6.  I got an email from a guy I did a phone interview with a few weeks ago saying he hadn’t heard from me and to contact him by the end of business Friday if I was still interested in being considered for the job.  I emailed him back and told him I hadn’t received a message, I was still interested and am available all this week.  As of this morning I hadn’t heard anything from him so I left him a voice message.  I still haven’t heard anything and I’m wondering what is going on.

7.  I won a free Life Is Good shirt from our local shop in a Facebook contest yesterday… yeah me!!!  I didn’t even realize I was entering in a contest when I posted.

8.  According to the scale this morning I’ve now lost 34 pounds.  I haven’t weighed this little in I don’t remember how long.  I still haven’t started my walking program yet.  I need to transfer my music from the downstairs computer to the laptop so that I can load it on the iTouch.  That’s my goal this week.

9.  We’ve got two weeks until my nephew’s graduation party and the house and yard are in shambles.  Gotta get to work on that.

10.  I need to start scrapping again but hate every layout that I make lately and wind up deleting it.


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