I’ve Had It

This week has been a bear to say the least.  Monday and Tuesday was spent recovering from my pulled muscle.  It’s still not 100% but it’s a lot better.  The rest of the week has been spent dealing with the fallout of my nut-job ex-sister in law’s pathetic mothering skills.  They’re getting evicted from their house for not paying rent.  A few weeks ago her car got repossessed… she says she gave her mother the money and her mother didn’t pay the bills… which could actually be true because her mother is as big of flake as she is.  Personally I could give a rat’s ass about her but my niece and nephew are affected by this.  My niece is pregnant (at 17… ugh) and was at the ER twice this week with cramping and bleeding.  Apparently they gave her a prescription the first visit and her mother doesn’t have money to get it filled.  Yesterday when she was released her mother didn’t have money to buy Tylenol.  But she has money to buy concert tickets and go gambling at the boat and eat lunch out everyday.  Not to mention she gets social security death benefits from my brother for the kids.  They have a week between when they have to be out of their current house and when they can move into the next one.  So my niece has gone to my Mom’s house and my nephew isn’t sure where he is going yet.  He called me yesterday to ask if he could borrow $10… he was hungry… there is no food in their house.  It pisses me off!  I gave him the $10 and made sure he knew we ALWAYS have food and if he is hungry to call me or just show up.  My niece is constantly fighting with her mother and then calling my Mom and getting my Mom all upset… it’s a cluster fuck to say the least.  And I’m caught in the middle because I live 10 minutes from the kids and Mom calls me to go pick up/rescue/do whatever.  Like when Mom called Wednesday night to tell me she needed me to help move Erika out Thursday… and I had to have Jim stay home to watch Robert… and then Erika never woke up to answer the door so Jim was home for no reason and Erika was pissed when we wouldn’t all come back five hours later when she finally woke up.  I worry about my Mom and how much she is worrying about my niece.  And my niece is in serious need of growing up… she will get mad at my Mom for not dropping everything and doing something for her the minute she wants it… it’s a mess.  But enough about that.

Jim had his sleep test last night and definitely has sleep apnea.  Which explains why it seems he sleeps all the time but is so fatigued.  So we will be getting the Darth Vader mask for him.  Hopefully if we can get his sleep on track it will help get his blood pressure in line and also help him get some of the weight off.

Robert was in fine form today.  I haven’t slept the past few nights and was really dragging today.  He managed to find a pair of scissors and luckily didn’t destroy anything.  He climbed up on the pot rack and got down a knife and was trying to cut a potato when I found him and wound up nicking his finger… didn’t even cry until I took the knife away.  Then he got in our bathroom and found the iron… put it on the trunk at the end of our bed, removed the outlet cover and plugged it in… ruined the iron and the trunk but didn’t burn himself and I found it before it burned the house down.  This weekend will be another round of “Robert-Proofing”.  Ugh.  Mother of the year award for me.  What was funny was when Jim got home I took him into the bedroom to show him the trunk… Robert walked in, looked at the trunk, looked at us, threw his hands in the air and shouted… “HUGS!”  So we all got cleaned up and headed out to get dinner and go to Target.

I love the Target dollar spot… found this sword and axe for $1 each.  They entertained Robert and Jim for the shopping trip.  A Target associate smiled at us and said we were having way too much fun.


Weapons 2

Weapons 3

We also revealed Iron Man’s true identity.

Iron Man


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