He’s Into Everything

The days are getting more and more challenging… Robert is seriously into everything these days.  Well, I take that back, he’s not really into having Mommy tell him not to do something.  Its’ led to more than one hard headed stand off recently.

He’s discovered he can move the step stool anywhere he wants in order to help him climb… ugh.

Kitchen Cabinet 1

Kitchen Cabinet 2 He loves grabbing my laptop if I leave it unattended even for a few seconds.

Blog Update 1

Blog Update 2

He loves letting himself outside to dance in the rain… and all it does anymore is rain.

Rain Dance 2

Rain Dance

He likes to fish with sticks off the deck…

Deck Fishing 1

Deck Fishing 2

He is also loving to help in the kitchen.  Sunday morning he helped Daddy make pancakes.

Pancakes 1

Pancakes 2

Then he helped me make cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party.

Cupcakes 1

Cupcakes 2 

We went to our friend  Scott’s 50th Birthday Party.  There were kitties there and he liked playing with them.

Kitty 1
Kitty 2

He also loves to eat cupcakes.Cupcake Eating 1

Cupcake Eating 2

His little palette is expanding a bit.  The other night he had grilled chicken and mac n’cheese for dinner instead of chicken nuggets and fries.
Eating Dinner 1
Eating Dinner 2
Eating Dinner 3 
Harley likes to watch him eat from the window in hopes that he doesn’t finish his dinner.
Harley Window


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