Ten On Tuesday

It’s been a great week so far!

1.  We are officially in summer mode.  Sunday afternoon we rode the train at Line Creek… it’s a little train that goes around it’s route 2 times for a total of about 5 minutes and costs $.50 a ride… it’s five minutes from our house and Robert loves it!

LCT One Please
I have my ticket Mr. Conductor

LCT All Aboard!
All Aboard!!!

LCT Ready 2

LCT Looking

LCT Big Smile
Big smile for the Station Master

2.  After the train we took our food down for the Sunday Night Dinner at Ronald McDonald House.  This month’s theme was breakfast for dinner so we took an egg frittata and cinnamon rolls.  They just dedicated a new playground built by Sprint and NASCAR, Robert really enjoyed testing it out and LOVED the blue sand.
RMH Playground 1
RMH Playground 2
RMH Playground 3 

3.  Yesterday we made our first ice cream run of summer… yeah!!!

First Taste


4.  Today Jim had his day in court on the water bill at his parent’s house.  We were absolved of any financial responsibility and it was amended to show that his worthless brother is the responsible party.  Good luck finding him.  He hasn’t paid the taxes on the property either so I’m sure it will be on the courthouse steps soon.

5.  Robert got a new summer hair cut today.  We went with the crew cut.  Really brings out the mischief in his eyes.
What Is She Getting
Not Sure 
What Is Going On

6.  To celebrate we went to Crayola Cafe.
Coloring 1
Coloring 2

7.  Robert also got a stuffed goat.

8.  And Jim got a new hat to match Robert’s.

9.  And I got a bunch of post cards so we can participate in Send Kids the World.  A program where you send postcards to kids with life threatening illnesses.  An easy way to make a difference.  Two Facebook friends are going to participate and I think we’re going to make this one of our Soroptimist community service projects.

10.  We’re making plans for Memorial Day Weekend.  There is a lot of free stuff going on around town.  I think we’re going to go to the park, maybe catch a concert and perhaps check out the hot air balloon festival.  Monday we will do the cemetery run and of course stop at the winery on the way back.


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