Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

Since I’m not working and Robert isn’t in preschool right now a three day weekend doesn’t mean a whole lot other than more time with Daddy… so we started our weekend Thursday night.  We grabbed our chairs and headed to Zona Rosa to see Stan Kessler and the Sons of Brasil.. a Latin Jazz group.  Robert LOVED it.  He is such a musical little guy… doesn’t matter what kind but helps if it has a good beat and he can dance to it.

Ready for Concert
And dance he did!  He was a few feet in front of us and putting on quite the show!  The people right in front of us were a bit prudish.  He was not blocking their view or being extremely disruptive.  For a few minutes he was making wide circles around their chairs and the woman acted like she was going to stick out her leg and trip him… I couldn’t believe it!   We stayed for about an hour and when Jim was packing up the chairs the gentleman on the other side of me told him it was too bad we were leaving because Robert had been the best entertainment of the evening.


Dancing 2

Friday morning our friend Clark came over to play while his Daddy was at Olivia’s field day.  After Clark left we headed over to Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward’s house for a visit (and so they could check out the new hair do… which matches Uncle Ward’s).  They had bubbles for us to play with.

AB Bubbles 1

AB Bubbles 2

AB Bubbles 3

AB Bubbles 4

And he loves playing with this cart in the yard.AB Yard

We all piled into the Jeep to go to Little Monkey Business for Robert to play but the minute Uncle Ward got in the back seat Robert started saying, “trains”.  He thought we were heading to Fritz’s… so we did.  He ate another round of chicken and fries (he had some at home) and the rest of us had shakes and ice cream.

AB Fritz

We went back to their house and Robert entertained us by destroying their playing in their kitchen. 

AB Kitchen Cooking

AB Kitchen Door 

Saturday morning Jim got up and made us all pancakes for breakfast and then we headed out to the City Market to pick up some vegetables and flowers for Monday.  When we got home Robert went to work in the kitchen.



After lunch I mowed the back yard and Jim set up the new kiddie pool.  Robert had a good time filling it with water.  He said it was the ocean.Pool 1

Pool 3

“Come on in, the water’s fine”.  (an actual quote from him… I don’t know where he picks these phrases up)

Pool 2

I had just planned on getting my feet wet but Robert had other plans.  Daddy thought it was really funny when Robert turned to him and said, “watch this” and then squirted Mommy in the back.

Pool 5

Pool 6

Harley thinks the pool is a big water dish.  She has no problem jumping in and out of the pool.

Pool 4


Gotta keep the water clean!

Pool Boy

We got out of the pool and got dressed and headed to Gardner, KS for the Kansas City Hot Air Balloon Invitational.  They were doing a mass ascension at 7pm.  We got L-O-S-T!  Which is pretty funny since Gardner is not that big… but there were road closings and we were a bit fuzzy on where we were going.  Sometimes being lost can be a lot of fun.  We had a picnic dinner and our lawn chairs.  Isn’t this the cutest picnic basket.  I love that it zips shut AND collapses for storage… tres cool!

He wants to be a photographer.












This face made it all worth while!!!







What a ham!!!


Playing that fun game, I’m not on the other side of the rope, I’m right under it… yet another line drawn in the sand by Robert Charles.


He had so much fun.  After the first balloon took off he ran up to me and said, “Thank you Mama!”… like I had orchestrated the whole evening just for his enjoyment and the other 10,000+ people there were just horning in on our fun.  I will say it did make all the planning, etc. way worth it.


I like that our weekend is getting to be a whole lot of family time and a whole lot of fun time.  Yes, tomorrow we’ll need to do some laundry.  And we will need to run the vacuum.  But we will also play in the pool and we are taking Robert to one of my favorite parks from when I was little for a picnic.  Monday we will go decorate at the cemetery where my Dad’s family is buried and also go see my Mom… and the weekend will be over way too soon because we are having way too much fun.

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