Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

We had another jam packed fun day today.  Of course Robert wanted to go outside the minute he got up… and since we added the pool he can not be out there alone even for a few minutes.  He wasn’t super interested in the pool first thing… he was more interested in mowing the lawn with the big mower… I hope this enthusiasm is still with us in another 10 years but somehow I doubt it.

Mowing 1

Mowing 2

After lunch he was ready to get in the pool.  I got some soaker squirters at Target the other day and he really liked playing with them.

Pool 1 

Pool 2

Pool 3 

Pool 4
Daddy found out a soaker is no match for a hose!
Pool 6

Pool 7

Pool 8

Pool 9

Pool 10

Pool 11

After we came in and got dried off he had some snuggle time with Daddy.

Daddy Time

After dinner we headed to Antioch Park.  Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward and my grandparents used to take me there when I was little.

Apparently dolphin pillow needed to come with us.  He also tried on Daddy’s hat in the car.

Park 1 - Ready to Go

The park was a lot of fun.

Park 2

Park 3

Park 4

Park 5

Park 6

Park 7

There were geese by the lake… they wouldn’t move off the stepping stones so he could cross.

Park 8 

Move goose!

 Park 9

Since the goose wouldn’t move we decided to go around the trail the other way.  Bye goose!!!

Park 10

My uncle used to carry me across these stepping stones… I remember I was so scared of them.  Robert just needed a little assistance from Jim.  The boy has no fear.

Park 11

Park 12

Park 14

Done with the tour of the lake… back to the playground!

Park 15

Park 16

Park 17

Park 18

Park 19

Park 20

Park 21

Park 22

I called Aunt Barb after we left the park to see if they wanted to meet us for ice cream… of course they did.  We met at Russell Stover’s and Robert’s face lit up when he saw them in the car next to us.  Unfortunately they were closed for  the night.  So we headed to Baskin and Robbins… unfortunately they were closed for good… so we wound up at McDonald’s.  They only had vanilla ice cream so five small vanilla cones please.

Ice Cream 1

Ice Cream 2

Ice Cream 4

Ice Cream 5

Ice Cream 6

Ice Cream 3 

Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward were a major part of my child hood and we are so lucky that they are a big part of Robert’s too.  No one has ever had two bigger fans.  They check his blog daily and always jump at the chance to spend time with him. 

He was super tired when we left McDonald’s and fell asleep on the way home.  I hope he sleeps all night because we have another big day tomorrow. 

Park 23 - Crashed Out

We put him to bed when we got home and Jim and I tackled folding some laundry together and putting more laundry in.  I couldn’t believe when I couldn’t find clean shorts for Robert today.  I just did his laundry the other day!  Guess it’s that two to three wardrobe changes a day.  I’m so glad we had another great family day.  There is nothing better than spending the day together having fun.


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