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Ten on Tuesday

Boy, Tuesday’s come around way too quickly now that I’m back to work.  I am so far behind on posts right now… but for now here’s this week’s 10.

1.  I am so sick of people in the neighborhood setting off fire crackers.  It started last Friday and has continued nightly.  It drives poor Harley nuts.  I’ve been trying to get her to come in the house for two and half hours and she won’t.  I get her almost in the door and another fire cracker goes off so she’s back charging around the back yard barking.  Poor thing is exhausted.

2.  Jim has been in Orlando since Saturday so it’s been the single mother life around here.  So far so good.  I’ve made it through drop off at preschool.  He gets a little teary but it isn’t horrible.

3.  Sunday we were putting Robert’s clothes away and talking and this conversation happened:
Me:  Tomorrow is Monday and on Monday’s Mommy goes to work and Robert goes to…
Robert:  AUNT BARB’s!!!!
Ooops… we met up with them on Saturday morning so I guess he thought things were back to “normal”.

4.  Sunday we went to ride the Line Creek Train.  We got out of the Jeep at the depot and Robert yelled, “Hello train, I missed you!”  Cracks me up.

5.  When I picked up Robert at the preschool today the director told me “Your son is a really good kid”.  Makes me proud to hear that.

6.  Robert’s teacher said today he really makes you earn his trust.  He will finally let her comfort him.

7.  Tonight after Robert got out of bed for the FIFTH time in 15 minutes I told him if he didn’t go to sleep dolphin pillow was going to have to come sleep with Mommy because it was tired.  Apparently he thought I said I was taking dolphin pillow and sending it to the gulf to plug the oil spill.  He was inconsolable (mind you, I never actually touched the pillow)… so he and dolphin wound up in bed with me.  He finally crashed out about 10:30 and I stuck him back in his bed.

8.  The doctor’s office called today and Jim’s latest test results show that he has diminished blood flow in his legs so we have to do some more testing.  He has a lot more energy now that he has the CPAP machine and has lost about 15 pounds the last time he weighed so hopefully this will help bring down his blood pressure and everything will be fine.

9.  Work is super busy.  I have four grants due next week.  We’re implementing a new summer feeding program that I have to do a press release for tomorrow, I’m still figuring out what reports need to be filed and have a ton of meetings coming up.

10.  I spent today in an email marketing conference.  Really good information.  Came back to the office and told my boss about it and he green lighted me to implement it.  Yeah!!!


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Taking A Breath….

Today marked one whole week of back to work for me.  It’s going pretty good so far.  I’ve got a calendar full of deadlines and meetings.  I completed my first grant narrative today and have three more that will be done by this time next week.  I’m learning more and more about the ins and outs of the company.  Today was field trip day to satellite offices.  We’ll do the same thing tomorrow.  My boss is 10 years younger than me which is taking a bit of getting used to.  He’s a great guy and very easy to work for/with but it makes me feel old!  LOL

Robert is adjusting nicely to preschool.  He’s still a little teary in the mornings but when you ask him if he wants to go to school and if he has fun there he always says yes.  I had a chance to talk to his teacher yesterday.  Most days Robert is dropped off before she gets there and picked up after she leaves so we hadn’t had a chance to connect with her yet.  She was very happy with how well he is doing.  He LOVES being a helper and is always first in line to be a helper.  He still won’t eat there but his appetite has been off all around lately.  He’s using the potty but won’t tell her when he needs to go but was dry 3/4 diaper changes yesterday.  What a champ.  He engages with the other kids but he also likes to play by himself.  His two favorite “centers” are the kitchen (go figure) and the library (again, go figure).  He loves circle time and singing. 

When we go to Target now he likes to sit in the main part of the cart (which I’m not thrilled about but it is what it is).  He loves to try to make his “seat” more comfy.  Note the squished Charmin under his tush.


My niece has been out with my Mom all week.  She has a tooth that needs to be extracted and is just miserable with it.  Her mother would not take her to a dentist so my Mom finally did.  They have an appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow.  Her mother is supposed to show up to sign the paper work… I hope to God she does or I’ll have to hear all about it.  I’m seriously getting tired of the drama with my niece (and her mother) and worrying about my nephew.  I wish we could just be one, big, happy family but their poor lives are in constant turmoil.  My niece is not ready emotionally or maturity wise to have a baby… and my Mom does not need to be a full time care taker for an infant… I think some days she forgets it’s been 17 years since she did that.  I’m worried about how my niece is going to survive financially… and I’m tired of worrying.  I’m tired of hearing how drained and upset my Mom is and not being able to just talk to her without all this crap hanging in the air.  But things aren’t going to change.  And I’m sure that there will be a lot more drama before it’s all over.  I just hope that my Mom and Robert can still have a nice relationship and it’s not always overshadowed by my niece and her baby.  Is that terrible of me???  Seriously, my brother was constant drama in the family… then he was killed and we were left dealing with his crazy ex who never thought of her kids first and wound up with a drug using son and a pregnant 17 year old daughter… and now she is “so excited about being a grandma and can’t wait to spoil her little peanut” (learn to use privacy settings on your FB account bitch).  Hell, she never raised her two.  My parents and I were their primary caregivers their first 10 years.  I hope when she’s busy picking out “decorations for the nursery” (for their two bedroom rental house for three adults and a baby… since she got evicted from their other house… which is what happens when you don’t pay your bills).  It’s so frustrating to watch my niece and nephew have to struggle so much because of selfish decisions their mother has made.  They deserved so much more and didn’t get it and hopefully someday will be able to build something better for themselves.

Some good news, found out our office is closed July 2nd and July 5th… whooo hooo, four day weekend coming up!

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Ten on Tuesday

1.  How did it get to be Tuesday already???  I’ve got five whole days of work under my belt… several meetings attending and a full calendar of deadlines coming up.

2.  Jim is headed to Orlando for five days on Saturday.  Thank goodness he has decided to take Friday off to clean the house and do laundry so I don’t have to worry about that over the weekend… yeah wonderful hubby!

3.  I finally got to talk to Robert’s teacher today when I picked him up and he is doing really well for five days.  He is interacting with the other kids but still likes to play on his own a lot.  Today he took the legs off his lunch table and was balancing the table on his knees… he looked at his teacher and said, “I fixed the table with my legs Miss Mary”. 

4.  Robert is rocking the potty training at school.  We’re going to have to get on the ball at home.  They take him every 30 minutes to the potty and he was only wet once today.  Maybe he’s going to do this overnight like he’s done everything else in his little life.

5.  Jim goes back to Orlando in November and will have three free days between classes… I’m debating whether or not to pay the airfare for Robert and I to go too.  If he has enough for one of us to go free I’ll definitely pay for the second ticket… four days laying by a pool in Orlando in November… we shall see.

6.  A good friend of my dad’s is having triple/quadruple bypass on Friday… really hoping it goes smoothly and he has an uncomplicated recovery.

7.  My new phone came in the mail today.  I finally broke down and paid for internet access on my phone… I’m seriously loving it.

8.  I joined Foursquare… anyone else use it???

9.  Robert and I are hoping to meet Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward at the park Saturday morning for a breakfast/play date.  Hoping the weather cooperates… it is crazy hot and we had our first head advisory day today… I don’t seem to remember it getting this hot this early in the past.

10.  Seriously pissed at the neighbors who are already setting off fireworks.  Fireworks are ILLEGAL in our city and I don’t mind people setting them off on Fourth of July weekend… I’ll put up with it Friday through Monday but don’t be starting three weeks before… it drives poor Harley crazy and she runs herself ragged in the back yard barking at the bangs.  The first year we had her we didn’t realize that would be her reaction and she ran so much she bloodied the pads on her paws.  Now on the Fourth weekend we take her out on the leash so we can get her back inside to the basement where it’s a lot quieter… and cool.

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Your Child? I Thought It Was A Monkey

I was exhausted last night.  Three days of work after seven months off and a severe bout with insomnia really take it out of you.  I was out cold at 10pm.  Robert woke me up at 4am needing a diaper change and I actually told him to wake Daddy up.  I should really feel bad about that but I don’t.  I even told Daddy the truth about what happened  🙂

I had an 8:30am breakfast meeting today so I had the boys drop me off while they went to the City Market to get some veggies.  After the meeting I ran over to Half Price Books and found two of the books on my list… yeah!!!  Then the boys picked me up and we headed to Crown Center for Chalk Walk.  At this event several artists are giving space on the sidewalk to make really cool chalk drawings.  We were there early so many of them were just beginning.  We went to check out the children’s area and Robert got his face painted like a monkey.  I was amazed at how good he sat there and let the guy paint his face.



FP2 472




He also got to make a button.



One of the artists stopped what she was doing to show him a picture of what she was creating and talk to him.


After the chalk walk we went to the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Center.  It’s a really cool natural setting in the middle of an urban environment.

This is a cottonwood tree.  It’s what Lewis & Clark used to make their boat.  That was the answer to our passport question.


Replica of Lewis & Clark’s boat.


Not only did he get his passport stamped he also got a sticker.



The minute we got in the Jeep.

Monkey Face

He fell asleep asleep on the way home.

Crashed Monkey

And stayed asleep for a few hours after we got home.

Sleeping Monkey

After he woke up we went and did a bit of shopping.  He was very happy to get a slurpee at Target.

Slurpee Monkey

And he had a great time looking at himself in the mirror.

Monkey in the  Mirror

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New Stuff

Jim got a new phone this week thus sparking major phone envy for me.  So today I finally broke down and ordered the LG Ally.  It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday.

ally phone

I also went ahead and added the unlimited mobile web to my account.  I will be fully connected now  🙂

I picked up this little cutie today.  It’s a screen cleaner… and it does a super good job.

screen cleaner

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Ten on Tuesday

1.  I am so excited for tomorrow I hope I can sleep tonight.

2.  Tomorrow is going to be a real test personally… I have a dinner meeting right after work and won’t be home until 9ish… that will be 14 – 15 hours away from Robert and he will probably be asleep when I get home… quite a change from being with him 24/7 for the last 7 months.

3.  A lot of good things came out of the time off.  I am looking good… I am officially down 31 pounds and in a lot better shape than I was.

4.  I took up cooking while on my break and found that I’m actually pretty good at it.  I’m planning on still making most of our dinners now that I’m back working but doing them up ahead of time for the week.

5.  I know Robert will be fine in preschool and I know once he gets into the groove he’ll enjoy it… I just really hope that time comes sooner rather than later.

6. My best friend who lives in Vegas now is flying into town on Thursday, a bunch of us are meeting at Westport Flea Market for dinner on Thursday.  I hope we can get together again on Saturday.

7.  Sunday my Mom is having a Father’s Day lunch at her house.  What my uncle doesn’t know is it’s actually an appreciation lunch for him.  He’s often stepped into the father/grandfather role when needed so even though he doesn’t have children of “his own” he has definitely parented.  I made this for him and am going to frame it as a 5X7.  The picture is of he and Robert in the hospital when Robert was born.
Uncle Ward

8.  Robert is doing incredible with bedtime.  We warn him ahead of time how long it is until bedtime (an hour, a half hour, etc.) and then when the time comes we put him in bed, make sure he has dolphin pillow, tuck him in, kiss him and close the door (I always leave it ajar so I can peek in).  He might fuss for a few minutes but he doesn’t get up and usually in 10-15 minutes he’s asleep.

9.  I bought new pens, highlighters and a notebook at Target yesterday… you would think it’s the first day of school.

10.  I’m ready to go back to work but I am so happy I had the last seven months with Robert.  We made it financially and it’s nice to know we can if we have to but I need to work for my sanity… I will miss the random hugs and cuddles through the day so I’ll just have to do more of it nights and weekends.  He’s growing up WAY TOO FAST!

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Deanna Rose Farmstead

For our last big hurrah we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead with Aunt Barb today.  Our first visit to the farm was with her and Robert absolutely fell in love with it.  Robert even bought a dedication brick honoring Aunt Barb on the brick trail.  The day started out a little rainy but luckily stopped completely by the time we got there.  Deanna Rose is a stop in our Passport so we had to go to Ben’s Bank and find out what kind of safe is there.  The answer is a cannon ball safe.

Cannonball Safe at Ben's Bank

The goat milk stand didn’t open until 10 so we wandered around and saw some of the other animals.  They were bottle feeding the calves in the milking barn.  They were REALLY excited about that.  Robert got to pet the littlest calf.


This swing was a gift to the farm from the Wood family.  Their baby Henry was stillborn and they donated this in honor of him.  The grandmother is a friend of mine so we make it a point to sit on Henry’s swing.  It’s located conveniently by the baby goat pen which is Robert’s absolute favorite part of the day.Henry's Swing

We fed some ducks and fish.

Feeding Ducks 2

Feeding Ducks

Finally the milk bottle stand opened.  He was so excited and proud to have his bottle of milk.

Got A Bottle

We learned a few important lessons today.  First, if you are the first people in the baby goat pen for the day they are hungry… and they do not use good manners!  The second lesson we learned is not to wear white to the farm.

Baby Goats 9

Baby Goats 8

Baby Goats 7

Baby Goats 6

Aunt Barb should get a job at Deanna Rose feeding baby goats… they loved her!

Aunt Barb Goats

Baby Goat 5

Baby Goats 1

Baby Goats 2
“I’m Robert Wright and I’m running for Mayor of Goatville, I’d appreciate your vote in November”
I always joke that Robert is running for the Mayor of Goatville because he always makes it a point to talk to EVERY baby goat in the pen… and I do mean EVERY goat.  This picture looks like a good campaign poster for him.
Baby Goats 3

Baby Goats 4


After we fed the baby goats we went and fed the young goats.  They were just as pushy as the baby goats!

Young Goats 2
Young Goats 3
Young Goats 4
Young Goats
Happy Boy

We saw some big goldfish.

Robert got to play on the playground.

Sand Box
Playground 1
Slide 1
Slide 2

After we left the farm we went to Fritz’s for lunch.  I’m glad that we got a trip to the farm in before I go back to work.  The past couple of years I had always taken a vacation day for us to go together during the week and this spring was so rainy we hadn’t had a chance when our schedules meshed and it wasn’t raining.  I also had a chance to reassure my aunt that she and my uncle will still get to see him just as much even though I’m going back to work… we will just plan weekend time.

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