Strawberries, Flowers and Bedding Plants

I was getting a little patch of land ready for some plants tonight and Robert was playing on the patio.  He climbed up on the rolling cooler and took a header into the patio… luckily for him his cheek caught him.  Nice strawberry son.  Of course, it didn’t phase him a bit.  Dusted him off, cleaned up the cheek and he was ready to go.

Strawberry Face

We needed to go to Home Depot tonight to get some potting soil in order to break up a hanging basket we got this weekend.  We also picked out some new plants for the back yard.  We got peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and pumpkins… quite an eclectic mix.  We also got a few herbs that I put in pots for the patio.  We picked up some quick seed grass mix to try and repair the huge bare spot by the patio where the pool was last year.  Robert loved pushing the cart at Home Depot… although he is quite the erratic little driver.

Cart Pushing

When we moved inside we decided he’d be better off riding than pushing.

Cart Riding

I was picking out a hammock stand for Jim for Father’s Day and Robert decided to check out some chairs.

Chair Tester

I found the hammock stand that I want and will go back next week and pick it up.  I also found this hammock at  Normally $250 (not in my budget) for $70 (within my budget) so I ordered it and wheels for the stand because that puppy is heavy.  Everything should be here next week.  Father’s Day weekend Jim will be able to lay in his hammock and relax.

After Home Depot we headed to Maggie Moo’s since I had a coupon for a free cone after signing up for their online club.  Robert got a strawberry cone in honor of his face.

Ice Cream 1

Ice Cream

No Dad
Daddy was trying to get ahold of his cone to help him clean it up a bit… he was not going for that!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some of the plants put in the ground and then tomorrow night we’ll probably go to the free Thursday night Jazz Concert at Zona Rosa since Robert enjoyed it so much last week.

Today I made a list of all the free and nearly free stuff in our area in June… there is quite a bit of free stuff out there and we plan on taking advantage of a lot of it!  I had enough people asking me for ideas I posted it on my Facebook page as a note but it didn’t pick up all the hyper-links… ugh.


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