Roundin’ Up May

Got my May Round Up done.  You can tell summer is here because the things we did section just exploded.

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
— The Zookeeper’s Wife, Diane Ackerman

What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?
— Amazing Race
— Real Housewives
— Top Chef Masters
— Deadliest Catch

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?
— Brookside Art Annual
— Play dates with Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward
— Play dates with Granny
— We went to Omaha for the weekend and went to the Children’s Museum, Union Station, Old Town and the Zoo
— We threw a graduation party for Donald
— Stan Kessler and the Sons of Brasil concert
— Kansas City Hot Air Invitational
— Antioch Park followed by ice cream with Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward
— Baltimore Bend Winery

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
— Jim and Robert took me to Omaha for the weekend for Mother’s Day
— I gave Mom a pie and a hanging basket for Mother’s Day
— We gave Donald a nice Invictus watch for his graduation

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
— Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera since the lens was blown in the other one

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
— I pulled a muscle in my chest when evacuating from the hotel fire in Omaha, it took about a week to heal up but I’m back to 100%
— Jim had an echo test and his heart is tip top
— Jim had a sleep apnea test and failed miserably so we are waiting for the insurance to approve a C-PAP machine for him
— Uncle Ward had back surgery and came through with flying colors

What were my accomplishments this month?
— I started cooking and baking and have become very good at it… I took a few dinners to Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward after his surgery and made dinner every night from scratch one week. I’ve also perfected a berry pie, a chocolate pie and lemon bars. I made some very good Challah bread but got Mom’s recipe to try because I like it better.

What were my disappointments this month?
— No job.

Anything else noteworthy to include?
— Jessica and Bobby welcomed Dylan Earl into the world May 13th
— I won a Life Is Good shirt from my favorite store, Jake’s in the Village

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