It Finally Happened

This came in my email today…

Susanne –

Thanks for your patience with our interview process …

It has been a long one but I am pleased to let you know that we would like to offer you the position of grants/communications manager at XXXXXXXXX. I am sorry to have to send you this email to inform you but I am on my way out of the office and wanted to get you the news ASAP.

Please let me know when we can chat Monday (after 1030am) to discuss the details of the offer package?

Thank you and congratulations,


So, unless the offer they make is just ridiculously low (and they asked for salary range in the beginning) I will be accepting this position on Monday.

Oh thank God… we made it… seven months off… and I wouldn’t trade one minute that I had with Robert but it is time… time to dust off the brain and use it for what I do best.  Time to get up early every morning and head off to an office with something important to do.  Time to get a real paycheck again.  I’m glad to know that we can make it if we have to… and I love my Mother for her numerous offers to help if needed and my Aunt and Uncle for always being willing to watch Robert while I interviewed.  And I will never be able to express how much I appreciate all my friends who sent me job leads, commiserated with me, assured me that I’m not a complete failure and drain of resources, prayed for and with me and made me laugh when I really needed it.  And I can’t forget Jim who quietly assured me (on a daily basis sometimes) that we would be fine, we are all here and happy and healthy and money is not everything, and let me be frustrated when I needed to be, rearranged his schedule when I needed him to and always had a hug to celebrate or comfort.  I am so lucky… job or no job.


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