Our Passport to Adventure

Kansas City has the Interpretive Site Coalition which is a group of nature/science related sites and museums located in the metro area.  Every year they publish a Passport that you put your child’s picture and biographical information in the front and then take it to various sites, answer a question about that site and get you passport stamped.  If you get 20 of the 26 sites stamped you turn in your passport for a prize.  We picked our 2010 passport yesterday at Missouri Town and already have two stamps.  I’m hoping this week we can add a few more before I go back to work.  I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to 20 by the October 31st deadline.  The sites are:

1.  Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center
2.  Battle of Westport Visitors Center
3.  Beanstalk Children’s Garden 
4.  Burr Oak Woods
5.  Deanna Rose Children’s Farm
6.  Ernie Miller Nature Center
7.  Fort Osage National Historic Landmark and Education Center
8.  George Owens Nature Park
9.  1855 Harris-Kearney House
10.  John Wornall House
11.  Kansas City Museum – DONE!
12.  Kemper Outdoor Education Center
13.  Lakeside Nature Center
14.  Legler Barn Museum
15.  Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm
16.  Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary
17.  Missouri Town 1855 – DONE!
18.  National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame
19.  National Frontier Trails Museum
20.  Overland Park Arboretum
21.  Powell Gardens
22.  Prairie Oak Nature Center
23.  Oxford Schoolhouse
24.  Prairie Park Nature Center
25.  Shawnee Indian Mission
26.  Wonderscope Children’s Museum

Surprisingly I’ve lived in this area all my life and there are several places on the list I have never been to.  In light of the fact that I hope to be going back to work in a week I think Robert and I will try to hit Deanna Rose Farmstead and Wonderscope this week for another visit.  We’ve been to Deanna Rose once already this year and we are members at Wonderscope.  And I’m sure it won’t be the only times we go but since our full time together is coming to an end I want it to be a week of fun times.  We might also try to hit a few of the other nature centers too but I like Jim to be able to go along when we check out new things and we certainly have enough weekend time to hit them all.


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