Roller Coaster

roller coaster
This has been my day.  I got in touch with the ED who had extended a job offer via email on Friday and got things firmed up.  There is good and bad.  They came in at the low end of the pay range that I gave them… which is ok.  They have a 6 month probationary period where they pay even less money but we were able to negotiate that.  And I’m glad I was brave enough to negotiate instead of just taking it at face value.  The good thing is they give performance based bonuses.  Basically if you make more than goal you are given a year end bonus… which is nice.  They also eluded to there could be a year end holiday bonus that I would be eligible for if I did not make the performance based bonus.  The best thing is it will be doing a job that I really like to do for a company that I think is really growing and open to new ideas.  That is always a good thing.  He also brought up that he knows I have a young son and that if he is unable to attend preschool due to illness, etc. they can have me set up to be able to work from home.  I will also have accrued a week of vacation right before Christmas so I’ll be able to take off time then like a normally do… yeah!!!

My nephew is supposed to be doing some work for my aunt and uncle but he didn’t get up until noon today.  My aunt was a little ticked at him so I volunteered to pick him up and deliver him to their house (he had agreed to spend the night so he can work tomorrow morning also).  I have Jim looking into some jobs for him so I was a bit miffed that he slept until noon today and we had a little talk about that.  Robert of course was delighted to go see Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward.  I told my aunt we’d probably be over in that area tomorrow (filling our passport) so just let me know if she wants me to take him back to where he’s staying tomorrow… he’s not living with his mother right now, I wish he’d just take me up on my offer to live here.

Jim came home early so we could go check out some preschools.  The one that I hoped would be great was not… it was more like a train wreck.  There was no way we would be enrolling Robert so on to choice number 2.  We decided to go with this preschool.  They have degreed teachers, onsite meal prep, a good curriculum, good security, bright space and I really liked his teacher.  We showed up unannounced and she was very articulate and had great answers to our questions.  The only stumbling block is their rates have gone up $25 a week from when I spoke to them on the phone in November.  Yikes.  They assured us that it wouldn’t be a yearly thing and that previously to that they had never raised their rates in three years.  We debated the pros and cons and it finally came down to this is the best, safest place for Robert so the extra expense will be worth it.  The rate drops $10 a week when he is potty trained and then another $15 a week when he turns three.  Plus we’ll have considerable cost savings when he is out of diapers.  I know from experience that well paid teachers are more likely to stay.  Our last preschool experience the staff turn over was terrible.  I also like their education requirements for their teachers.  Their three year old lead teacher has a masters in early childhood education.

The preschool is really close to our house and on both of our ways to work.  I think our daily routine will be Jim drops off and I pick up.  Jim will definitely be doing the dropping off the first week because even though I know Robert will be fine and he will adjust and won’t stand around crying for me all day I simply can’t head to work those first few days with my last thought being Robert screaming “Mama!!! Mama!!!”  It will also allow Jim to be more hands on with the preschool than he was able to be with our last center.

Since I don’t start my new job until Wednesday we will get a discount on the tuition next week.  For some reason I had it in my head that we had no more money coming in until the end of the month other than my two unemployment checks.  Things were going to be tight with the day care expense and the gas expense for me working but I had it figured out that we could make it… then a few hours later it dawned on me it’s not the middle of the month yet and Jim gets paid next Wednesday… huge sigh of relief.

So the next 8 days are going to be busy getting me ready to go back to work and Robert ready to go back to school.  I need to go through my clothes and get stuff sent to the cleaners.  I need to get things ready that Robert will need for school.  We need to get the house cleaned up and picked up.  We need to get him a physical and arrange for the Mobile Med Care people to bring by Jim’s sleep apnea machine.  We need to go on some more field trips and get a few more stamps in our passports.  We need to snuggle a lot!  I’m going to miss the random times in the day when Robert would drop everything he was doing and run up to me yelling, “HUGS!”  I won’t miss having to watch every penny and feel guilty about buying things.  I won’t miss not being able to take a family vacation.  I won’t miss feeling very isolated, especially on the weeks Jim travels.

Onward and upward!


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