Ten on Thursday (because Tuesday was too busy)

1.  I have one week before I start my new job and a million things I want/need to get done before then.

2.  The number one thing on my list is to go through my clothes and figure out what fits and what doesn’t and decide what to get rid of what to box up.  I’m also going to get Robert’s closet set up so that on Sunday I can pick out outfits for every day and be done for the week.  That will make mornings easier, especially if Jim is dressing him.

3.  The second thing on my list is to make sure Robert and I make the most of these last days of freedom together.  Today we will go for his preschool physical and then head out to my Mom’s house.  Monday we’re going to Deanna Rose Farmstead with Aunt Barb (with Wonderscope being our rain/excessive heat back up plan).

4.  I spent some time with my nephew this week and have extended what I consider to be a very generous offer to him about moving in here (rent free), having access to “his own” vehicle and help finding a job.  He’s thinking about it… teenagers.  It’s frustrating watching him struggle and being willing to help and him not willing to take it… especially when I don’t know WHY.

5.  We enrolled Robert in preschool this week.  I hope that it’s everything we are hoping to be.  It’s a pretty expensive program but has degreed teachers, a good curriculum and some interesting programming like Spanish, computers, art and music.  I am happy that for the first week and a half Jim is in town and will be dropping him off.  Our new routine is going to be Daddy’s does drop off, Mommy does pick up.  Of course, there will be times like in two weeks when Jim is out of town and I’ll do both.

6.  I seem to be losing everything lately.  The latest thing I’ve misplaced is my camera card reader… unfortunately it has both of my camera cards in it right now… grrrrrrr.

7.  Robert has gone to sleep and slept all night in his own bed all week.  Last night it was an hour and a half of him calling for me every 10 minutes for various things (dropped pillow, needed to be covered, wanted a drink, etc.)  Tonight he was very teary and wanted me a few times but was out in thirty minutes.

8.  Robert and I went to the grocery store today and I picked up some popsicles.  Later today we went outside to try them… he took a few licks, looked at me and said “Mmmmmm, delicious!”  Cracks me up.

9.  A house fly landed on Robert’s knee today when he was sitting on the couch and he absolutely LOST his mind.  He was yelling for me and when I saw what was going on I shooed it away… he had real tears over it.  Poor guy, traumatized by a fly.

10.  I’m nervous about going back to work and I don’t know why.  It’s almost the junior high jitters type thing… will they like me, etc.  I know I can do the work… the position is actually all of my favorite stuff of the profession so i just need to calm down and get my confidence back.


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