Rainy Day

The plan for today was to go to the Dragon Boat races like last year.  Unfortunately Mother Nature was not cooperating.  We had thunderstorms all day and flash flood watches so they cancelled. 

We decided in the afternoon to get out of the house.  Since it was raining we decided to go to Crown Center since they have a parking garage and have lunch to see if the rain let up.  Once we got there I remembered that Clifford was there on Saturday’s this month.  After lunch we went to visit him.

Clifford -- Spotting Clifford 
Robert was super excited when he saw him.  He loves Clifford.

Clifford - Better View 
Jim picked him up so that he could get a better look while we waited in line.

Clifford - Big Hug 
He said he was going to give Clifford a BIG hug.

Clifford - Hello
Hello Clifford.

Clifford - Sitting

Clifford - Kiss  
He gave Clifford a kiss.

Clifford - Big Smile
That was really neat!


After meeting Clifford we went to the Shawnee Indian Mission so that Robert could get another stamp in his passport.  Three down, 17 to go!

Shawnee Indian Mission - Entrance

Shawnee Indian Mission - Trail Map
This map had buttons that when you pushed them lights lit up the different trails leading out west.

Shawnee Indian Mission - Trail Supplies 
We learned what supplies you should and shouldn’t take on your wagon trip west.

Shawnee Indian MIssion - Wagon 
We got to sit on a wagon.Shawnee Indian Mission - Recording
Robert thought the talking guide sticks were phones.

Shawnee Indian Mission - Talking to Recording 
He tried to call Granny.

Shawnee Indian Mission - Charles Bluejacket Walking Stick
Here’s the walking stick we had to find to get his passport stamped… it belonged to Charles Bluejacket.

We finished up the day by running to Jakes in the Village to get some new Life is Good shirts and then headed home.  I’m glad we didn’t let a little rain spoil our day.

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