Alter Ego


Today I was the Swedish Chef!  We started out by catching the 9:20am service at church and I finally broke down and sent Robert to the nursery… and hour is just too long to expect him to sit still.  I was funny, he went to the snack table at the back of the sanctuary and got a sweet roll then came and sat on my lap to eat it.  He took his first bite, looked at me and said, “deeelishus”.  I think from now on we’re going to keep him with us through the opening songs since he loves the music and the band, then send him to the nursery and retrieve him for communion/benediction so he can kind of ease into things.

After church we hit the grocery store armed with my very specific list.  I think we actually managed to only put five things that weren’t on the list in the cart.

Robert had been up since 5am so he wound up taking a long afternoon nap.  Jim loaded the dishwasher, did some laundry and took a two hour nap.  I made chicken enchiladas and put them in the freezer for Friday and then made chicken and stuffing and put it in the fridge for Tuesday.  For dinner tonight I made the best meatloaf I have ever had and scalloped potatoes.

Traditional Meat Loaf

1 egg, lightly beaten
2/3 C. Milk
3 Slices bread, crumbled
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 medium onion chopped
½ C. finely shredded carrot
1 tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper
1 ½ pounds ground beef
¼ C. packed brown sugar
¼ C. ketchup
1 tbls. prepared mustard

1. In a large bowl, combine the egg, milk, bread, onion, carrot, salt & pepper. Crumble beef over mixture and mix well. Shape into a loaf. Place in a greased 9”x5”x3” loaf pan

2. In a small bowl, combine the brown sugar, ketchup and mustard; spread it over loaf. Bake at 350 degree for 60-75 minutes or until no pink remains and a meat thermometer reads 160 degrees. Drain. Let stand for 10 minutes before slicing.

I also made a batch of cupcakes for Robert.  He was so happy when he woke up and I told him I made cupcakes.  He danced and yelled and gave me a huge hug.

Tomorrow Robert and I have a few errands to run to get the last of the supplies he needs to head off to preschool.  I want to drop them off tomorrow or Tuesday so that Jim can just concentrate on delivering Robert on Wednesday.

On Tuesday we are having a play date with Aunt Barb.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can go to Deanna Rose Farmstead since they haven’t been there together yet this year.  I’ve got a stack of quarters ready to feed the goats.

It’s storming again tonight.  I really need to get the lawn mowed but I’m afraid if it rains like this tonight and tomorrow it’s not going to get done until Friday night.  Maybe we should just bring a goat home from the farmstead and tether it in the front yard.  Of course, if we have a goat in the front yard Jim will make sure it eventually winds up like this…

goat on spit

I’m sure the neighbors would prefer the grass being a little long to that!


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