Since I’m starting the new job on Wednesday we need to get some things more organized so that our days run smoother.  I’ll have a little longer commute and we also need mornings to go smoothly.

It’s looking like Sunday is going to be our prep day for the week.  The plan is to go to church in the morning then home to cook/laundry.  I’m planning on having clothes for Robert and I ready to go for the week on Sundays to make mornings easier… just get up, put it on and go.  That means laundry and ironing will need to be done on Sunday.

I’m also planning on getting as much cooking as I can done on the weekends so we can get home and just toss it in the oven or turn on the crock pot when we’re on our way out the door.  I also need leftovers for our lunches so we can cut that expense.  So I’m taking on Shari’s idea of planning my weekly meals.  I took a peek in our freezer tonight and we have a TON of chicken breasts.  I couldn’t believe how much chicken was in there… so this week will be very chicken heavy.  I made our menu and then made the grocery list then hunted for coupons.  Tomorrow after church we will stop at the store and then come home and get cooking.  Here’s our plan for next week:

Sunday – meatloaf and scalloped potatoes
Monday – barbecue chicken casserole
Tuesday – chicken stuffing casserole
Wednesday – I have a dinner meeting so Jim can have leftovers or stir fry
Thursday – Eat out with a friend who is in town
Friday – chicken enchiladas
Saturday – bbq chicken on the grill with beans and summer salads


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