Oh he is so his Mama… got the shades on and text messaging on his Leap Frog Blackberry.  He melts me… seriously one cool dude!

Cool Dude

Jim had an artery test today, just a precaution the doctor said and apparently it was because he did great… no blockages at all.  Yeah!!! Which is a really good thing with his elevated blood pressure.   He also picked up his sleep apnea machine today.  Hopefully this will let him actually get  some rest when he’s sleeping.  And hopefully that will result in him having more energy and be able to take off some of this weight he’s put on.  I know he’s not happy about his weight.  And I’m certainly not looking at the vanity aspect of things but the health related aspect.  My dad was a pretty fit guy when he had his heart attack at 48 and it totally changed our lives.  I don’t want to raise Robert alone, I don’t want to be without my best friend, I don’t want to look back and go, “maybe if we had done this…”  So, we’re going to try the sleep machine and we’ve changed our eating habits.  Next up more family exercise.

Robert and I ran to Target today to get the last few things we need for him to start preschool.  We will drop them off tomorrow along with his paperwork so that Wednesday all Jim has to worry about is dropping off Robert and not juggling diapers and clothes and fuzzy blue blanket, etc.

I made a barbeque chicken casserole for dinner tonight.  It was pretty good.  It isn’t my favorite thing I’ve made but will be OK on occasion.  The good thing about it is it’s only chicken and veggies.  The sauce has a little brown sugar and ketchup in it but not a lot so it’s pretty healthy and I served it with fresh veggies.

Tonight I gathered up stuff to take to the dry cleaners.  I actually got to get a box out of the basement that had smaller sizes in it and everything fit!  Yeah… it’s like getting a new wardrobe.

Tomorrow we are having our play day with Aunt Barb.  Our first choice is to go to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  If it’s raining our back up plan is Wonderscope.  She actually said on the phone tonight maybe we’d do both… um get real, we’re always exhausted after the farm!  I really think she’s worried they are not going to see him a lot now that I’m going back to work… so untrue, I can’t keep them apart!  I don’t want to keep them apart!

I talked to our friend Sherry tonight.  She gave Robert a gorilla that makes noise for Christmas.  Right as I dropped the chicken in the oil to brown it tonight Robert set it off in the living room… scared me so bad I thought I’d wet myself.  So I called to tell Sherry about it because I knew she’d be tickled.  She is super excited about my new job since it’s close to where she lives.  She said she and my Mom will have to come and take me to lunch.  (Mom said that she gets to take me to lunch by herself first because she’s the Mommy – too funny)

So, one more day of freedom and then back to work!


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