Deanna Rose Farmstead

For our last big hurrah we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead with Aunt Barb today.  Our first visit to the farm was with her and Robert absolutely fell in love with it.  Robert even bought a dedication brick honoring Aunt Barb on the brick trail.  The day started out a little rainy but luckily stopped completely by the time we got there.  Deanna Rose is a stop in our Passport so we had to go to Ben’s Bank and find out what kind of safe is there.  The answer is a cannon ball safe.

Cannonball Safe at Ben's Bank

The goat milk stand didn’t open until 10 so we wandered around and saw some of the other animals.  They were bottle feeding the calves in the milking barn.  They were REALLY excited about that.  Robert got to pet the littlest calf.


This swing was a gift to the farm from the Wood family.  Their baby Henry was stillborn and they donated this in honor of him.  The grandmother is a friend of mine so we make it a point to sit on Henry’s swing.  It’s located conveniently by the baby goat pen which is Robert’s absolute favorite part of the day.Henry's Swing

We fed some ducks and fish.

Feeding Ducks 2

Feeding Ducks

Finally the milk bottle stand opened.  He was so excited and proud to have his bottle of milk.

Got A Bottle

We learned a few important lessons today.  First, if you are the first people in the baby goat pen for the day they are hungry… and they do not use good manners!  The second lesson we learned is not to wear white to the farm.

Baby Goats 9

Baby Goats 8

Baby Goats 7

Baby Goats 6

Aunt Barb should get a job at Deanna Rose feeding baby goats… they loved her!

Aunt Barb Goats

Baby Goat 5

Baby Goats 1

Baby Goats 2
“I’m Robert Wright and I’m running for Mayor of Goatville, I’d appreciate your vote in November”
I always joke that Robert is running for the Mayor of Goatville because he always makes it a point to talk to EVERY baby goat in the pen… and I do mean EVERY goat.  This picture looks like a good campaign poster for him.
Baby Goats 3

Baby Goats 4


After we fed the baby goats we went and fed the young goats.  They were just as pushy as the baby goats!

Young Goats 2
Young Goats 3
Young Goats 4
Young Goats
Happy Boy

We saw some big goldfish.

Robert got to play on the playground.

Sand Box
Playground 1
Slide 1
Slide 2

After we left the farm we went to Fritz’s for lunch.  I’m glad that we got a trip to the farm in before I go back to work.  The past couple of years I had always taken a vacation day for us to go together during the week and this spring was so rainy we hadn’t had a chance when our schedules meshed and it wasn’t raining.  I also had a chance to reassure my aunt that she and my uncle will still get to see him just as much even though I’m going back to work… we will just plan weekend time.


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