Your Child? I Thought It Was A Monkey

I was exhausted last night.  Three days of work after seven months off and a severe bout with insomnia really take it out of you.  I was out cold at 10pm.  Robert woke me up at 4am needing a diaper change and I actually told him to wake Daddy up.  I should really feel bad about that but I don’t.  I even told Daddy the truth about what happened  🙂

I had an 8:30am breakfast meeting today so I had the boys drop me off while they went to the City Market to get some veggies.  After the meeting I ran over to Half Price Books and found two of the books on my list… yeah!!!  Then the boys picked me up and we headed to Crown Center for Chalk Walk.  At this event several artists are giving space on the sidewalk to make really cool chalk drawings.  We were there early so many of them were just beginning.  We went to check out the children’s area and Robert got his face painted like a monkey.  I was amazed at how good he sat there and let the guy paint his face.



FP2 472




He also got to make a button.



One of the artists stopped what she was doing to show him a picture of what she was creating and talk to him.


After the chalk walk we went to the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Center.  It’s a really cool natural setting in the middle of an urban environment.

This is a cottonwood tree.  It’s what Lewis & Clark used to make their boat.  That was the answer to our passport question.


Replica of Lewis & Clark’s boat.


Not only did he get his passport stamped he also got a sticker.



The minute we got in the Jeep.

Monkey Face

He fell asleep asleep on the way home.

Crashed Monkey

And stayed asleep for a few hours after we got home.

Sleeping Monkey

After he woke up we went and did a bit of shopping.  He was very happy to get a slurpee at Target.

Slurpee Monkey

And he had a great time looking at himself in the mirror.

Monkey in the  Mirror


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