Ten on Tuesday

1.  How did it get to be Tuesday already???  I’ve got five whole days of work under my belt… several meetings attending and a full calendar of deadlines coming up.

2.  Jim is headed to Orlando for five days on Saturday.  Thank goodness he has decided to take Friday off to clean the house and do laundry so I don’t have to worry about that over the weekend… yeah wonderful hubby!

3.  I finally got to talk to Robert’s teacher today when I picked him up and he is doing really well for five days.  He is interacting with the other kids but still likes to play on his own a lot.  Today he took the legs off his lunch table and was balancing the table on his knees… he looked at his teacher and said, “I fixed the table with my legs Miss Mary”. 

4.  Robert is rocking the potty training at school.  We’re going to have to get on the ball at home.  They take him every 30 minutes to the potty and he was only wet once today.  Maybe he’s going to do this overnight like he’s done everything else in his little life.

5.  Jim goes back to Orlando in November and will have three free days between classes… I’m debating whether or not to pay the airfare for Robert and I to go too.  If he has enough for one of us to go free I’ll definitely pay for the second ticket… four days laying by a pool in Orlando in November… we shall see.

6.  A good friend of my dad’s is having triple/quadruple bypass on Friday… really hoping it goes smoothly and he has an uncomplicated recovery.

7.  My new phone came in the mail today.  I finally broke down and paid for internet access on my phone… I’m seriously loving it.

8.  I joined Foursquare… anyone else use it???

9.  Robert and I are hoping to meet Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward at the park Saturday morning for a breakfast/play date.  Hoping the weather cooperates… it is crazy hot and we had our first head advisory day today… I don’t seem to remember it getting this hot this early in the past.

10.  Seriously pissed at the neighbors who are already setting off fireworks.  Fireworks are ILLEGAL in our city and I don’t mind people setting them off on Fourth of July weekend… I’ll put up with it Friday through Monday but don’t be starting three weeks before… it drives poor Harley crazy and she runs herself ragged in the back yard barking at the bangs.  The first year we had her we didn’t realize that would be her reaction and she ran so much she bloodied the pads on her paws.  Now on the Fourth weekend we take her out on the leash so we can get her back inside to the basement where it’s a lot quieter… and cool.


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