Taking A Breath….

Today marked one whole week of back to work for me.  It’s going pretty good so far.  I’ve got a calendar full of deadlines and meetings.  I completed my first grant narrative today and have three more that will be done by this time next week.  I’m learning more and more about the ins and outs of the company.  Today was field trip day to satellite offices.  We’ll do the same thing tomorrow.  My boss is 10 years younger than me which is taking a bit of getting used to.  He’s a great guy and very easy to work for/with but it makes me feel old!  LOL

Robert is adjusting nicely to preschool.  He’s still a little teary in the mornings but when you ask him if he wants to go to school and if he has fun there he always says yes.  I had a chance to talk to his teacher yesterday.  Most days Robert is dropped off before she gets there and picked up after she leaves so we hadn’t had a chance to connect with her yet.  She was very happy with how well he is doing.  He LOVES being a helper and is always first in line to be a helper.  He still won’t eat there but his appetite has been off all around lately.  He’s using the potty but won’t tell her when he needs to go but was dry 3/4 diaper changes yesterday.  What a champ.  He engages with the other kids but he also likes to play by himself.  His two favorite “centers” are the kitchen (go figure) and the library (again, go figure).  He loves circle time and singing. 

When we go to Target now he likes to sit in the main part of the cart (which I’m not thrilled about but it is what it is).  He loves to try to make his “seat” more comfy.  Note the squished Charmin under his tush.


My niece has been out with my Mom all week.  She has a tooth that needs to be extracted and is just miserable with it.  Her mother would not take her to a dentist so my Mom finally did.  They have an appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow.  Her mother is supposed to show up to sign the paper work… I hope to God she does or I’ll have to hear all about it.  I’m seriously getting tired of the drama with my niece (and her mother) and worrying about my nephew.  I wish we could just be one, big, happy family but their poor lives are in constant turmoil.  My niece is not ready emotionally or maturity wise to have a baby… and my Mom does not need to be a full time care taker for an infant… I think some days she forgets it’s been 17 years since she did that.  I’m worried about how my niece is going to survive financially… and I’m tired of worrying.  I’m tired of hearing how drained and upset my Mom is and not being able to just talk to her without all this crap hanging in the air.  But things aren’t going to change.  And I’m sure that there will be a lot more drama before it’s all over.  I just hope that my Mom and Robert can still have a nice relationship and it’s not always overshadowed by my niece and her baby.  Is that terrible of me???  Seriously, my brother was constant drama in the family… then he was killed and we were left dealing with his crazy ex who never thought of her kids first and wound up with a drug using son and a pregnant 17 year old daughter… and now she is “so excited about being a grandma and can’t wait to spoil her little peanut” (learn to use privacy settings on your FB account bitch).  Hell, she never raised her two.  My parents and I were their primary caregivers their first 10 years.  I hope when she’s busy picking out “decorations for the nursery” (for their two bedroom rental house for three adults and a baby… since she got evicted from their other house… which is what happens when you don’t pay your bills).  It’s so frustrating to watch my niece and nephew have to struggle so much because of selfish decisions their mother has made.  They deserved so much more and didn’t get it and hopefully someday will be able to build something better for themselves.

Some good news, found out our office is closed July 2nd and July 5th… whooo hooo, four day weekend coming up!


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