Ten on Tuesday

Boy, Tuesday’s come around way too quickly now that I’m back to work.  I am so far behind on posts right now… but for now here’s this week’s 10.

1.  I am so sick of people in the neighborhood setting off fire crackers.  It started last Friday and has continued nightly.  It drives poor Harley nuts.  I’ve been trying to get her to come in the house for two and half hours and she won’t.  I get her almost in the door and another fire cracker goes off so she’s back charging around the back yard barking.  Poor thing is exhausted.

2.  Jim has been in Orlando since Saturday so it’s been the single mother life around here.  So far so good.  I’ve made it through drop off at preschool.  He gets a little teary but it isn’t horrible.

3.  Sunday we were putting Robert’s clothes away and talking and this conversation happened:
Me:  Tomorrow is Monday and on Monday’s Mommy goes to work and Robert goes to…
Robert:  AUNT BARB’s!!!!
Ooops… we met up with them on Saturday morning so I guess he thought things were back to “normal”.

4.  Sunday we went to ride the Line Creek Train.  We got out of the Jeep at the depot and Robert yelled, “Hello train, I missed you!”  Cracks me up.

5.  When I picked up Robert at the preschool today the director told me “Your son is a really good kid”.  Makes me proud to hear that.

6.  Robert’s teacher said today he really makes you earn his trust.  He will finally let her comfort him.

7.  Tonight after Robert got out of bed for the FIFTH time in 15 minutes I told him if he didn’t go to sleep dolphin pillow was going to have to come sleep with Mommy because it was tired.  Apparently he thought I said I was taking dolphin pillow and sending it to the gulf to plug the oil spill.  He was inconsolable (mind you, I never actually touched the pillow)… so he and dolphin wound up in bed with me.  He finally crashed out about 10:30 and I stuck him back in his bed.

8.  The doctor’s office called today and Jim’s latest test results show that he has diminished blood flow in his legs so we have to do some more testing.  He has a lot more energy now that he has the CPAP machine and has lost about 15 pounds the last time he weighed so hopefully this will help bring down his blood pressure and everything will be fine.

9.  Work is super busy.  I have four grants due next week.  We’re implementing a new summer feeding program that I have to do a press release for tomorrow, I’m still figuring out what reports need to be filed and have a ton of meetings coming up.

10.  I spent today in an email marketing conference.  Really good information.  Came back to the office and told my boss about it and he green lighted me to implement it.  Yeah!!!


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