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OK… I’m going to be blogging a bit out of order and I haven’t blogged last week yet but we had a great day today and I want to remember every minute of it.

The Legends at Village West shopping area has been running a special, turn in $75 of receipts in with an online coupon and get a free ticket to Schlitterbahn Water Park.  We went shopping last weekend when Jim’s sister and her family were in town and got enough for one ticket.  Jim turned it in Friday and found out they don’t take any information from you so we could get another one (the website said one per person/family).  Then I found out that the Target is considered part of the shopping center… well that’s a no brainer… how hard is it to spend $75 at Target!  And it’s stuff we would have to buy anyway.  So last night we went shopping and got our second ticket (Robert is free since he’s under three).

Last night I told Robert when I tucked him in that we had a surprise for him today.  When he got up Jim dressed him for the water park.  I told him we were going to go play in water… he went out in the back yard and grabbed the hose.  He was a bit confused when I told him that we needed to get in the car. 

When we got there he was super excited.

He had to test out the water and it took him a few minutes of checking it out to get used to it.  It’s so funny how cautious he gets in new situations.

In the water

Checking it out

He wanted me to go down the slides with him at first.

Water Slide wtih Mommy

After a while he was totally into it.

Boat slide

Climbing Net


Cute Boy

Happy boy

We went over to the pirate area.  He climbed on the boat and yelled, “I’m a pirate, AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!”  I died laughing… where does he come up with this???

Ship slide

I swam some with him.

Swimming with Mommy 

We floated on the lazy river some.  Didn’t get any pictures but he sat up on the side of the tube like a big guy.  At one point he told me, “Mama!  This is not the ocean”.  He also was joking that his feet were fish in the water. 

Red Slide

Red Slide 2


Train Play 2

Train play


We were there for about four hours before we decided it was time to head home.  Robert fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I call this Schlitter-faced.


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Live Music!

We are so lucky to have nightly concerts in our own living room.  (Note the swiffer sweeper handle propped up in the couch cushions to be a microphone).

Guitar Concert 1

Guitar Concert 2

Guitar Concert 3

Guitar Concert 4

Guitar Concert 5

Guitar Concert 6

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Mom’s Birthday

My Mom’s birthday was yesterday.  Saturday we got together at Aunt Barb’s house to celebrate.  Robert was hilarious.  I’m not sure why, but at one point after dinner when we were sitting around the table talking he climbed up on the bench, hung a spoon on his nose and balanced on one foot.  It was hilarious.  We didn’t get a picture because he got down before we could get the camera. 

He had a blast helping Grandma (he calls her Grandma not Granny) open her gifts.  She enjoyed that too.

Opening Presents 1

Opening Presents 2

Opening Presents 3

Opening Presents 4

Opening Presents 5

Opening Presents 6

Opening Presents 7

Opening Presents 8

Opening Presents 9

Opening Presents 10

He also thought that tissue paper made great pom poms. 

Tuesday evening we had storms move through the area and lost power for a few hours.  This is how a millennial weathers the storm… portable DVD and a flashlight.

No Power 1

No Power 2

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I finally got the video from the wedding reception uploaded.  Keep in mind he had never seen this dance or heard this song before… he just jumped right in.

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I’m Robert’s Mom

Tonight I needed to stop at the Hallmark store and pick up some birthday cards.  When I was checking out there was a little boy about 6 years old at the next register.  All of a sudden he looked at me and said, “I know you!”  I had no clue who he was.  He continued, “You come to the day care.”  So I said, “Oh, you’re in school with Robert.”  And he replied, “Yeah, that’s right, you’re Robert’s Mom!  Wanna see my tooth that fell out???”  Cute kid, I’ll have to look for him when I pick up tomorrow.

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Ten on Tuesday


1.  I don’t care what the weatherman says… my knees say it’s going to rain!

2.  Robert has a little lung infection.  He’s being treated with albuterol, prednisone and amoxicillin.  He went bat shit crazy when I hooked up the nebulizer for the albuterol, he took the first dose of the prednisone fine but the second dose spit out… all over me, and he is refusing to chew up the amoxicillin.  Ugh!!!

3.  I picked up Candy Land at Target tonight and we played it after dinner.  Robert was doing pretty good until his character got to "zoom" up the mountain… after that he could care less about colors or drawing cards… he just wanted to zoom!  That my friends, is a Thompson male!  His grandfather would have been thrilled.

4.  Robert actually ate all of his breakfast at school today, tried the lunch and ate all of his snack… his teacher is beside herself.

5.  Jim has peripheral artery disease.  He meets with the doctor tomorrow which is such as waste of time since I have WebMD :-)  A lot of changes coming in our house.  I am already cooking low carb/low calorie for us.  Time to add exercise.  I told him he is on my list now and had better shape up!  I did not sign on to raise Robert alone so we better just fix this now.

6.  Got my first big media hit at work last week.  A short feature on some of our food pantry volunteers on the Friday night news.  Yeah!!!  Lots of fun stuff coming up for work… lots of things to do… lots of creative license… lots of training sessions to attend!

7.  My nephew turns 19 tomorrow.  I finally got a hold of him via Facebook chat tonight to plan a little celebration.  We are taking him to Olive Garden Friday night and then I’m taking him shopping for some khakis, shirts and shoes for interviews.  I couldn’t believe it when he readily went for that idea.  He also wants a rap CD so I’ll get him that too because you have to have something to unwrap on your birthday.

8.  Robert has added a plush Snoopy to his night time inner circle.  I swear he, Snoopy and dophin stay up at night plotting.  It’s taken him longer to get to sleep lately.  He can entertain himself with just his toes if he has to (Mommy can’t confiscate toes).

9.  Sunday we are going to my aunt’s house for my Mom’s birthday celebration.  I am bringing pies  🙂

10.  Next weekend Jim’s sister and he family are coming for a visit… which means this weekend we need to get the house in tip top shape… when you add 6 more people to the house it is bursting at the seams.

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Weekend Update

School is going good.  Robert is adjusting nicely.  I love his teacher.  He is learning a ton!  He also is really happy that he can take dolphin with him.


He has taken a big interest in books and I love having story time with him… he even enjoys reading to me on occasion.  A recent favorite is The Fire Cat.

Reading 1

Reading 2

Reading 3

Reading 4

Looks like it won’t be long until we need a bigger bed!Summer Sleep 1

Summer Sleep 2

Saturday we went to the Overland Park Arboretum.  It was a lot of fun.  They had miles of trails to explore, and water and sculptures.  Robert led the way!










OPA 10

OPA 11

Saturday night we went to a wedding reception.  They had a dance floor… Robert was in love with that!  He was hilarious.

Dance Moves

Sunday I was eating lunch on the couch and ate my sandwich but hadn’t finished my chips as I was surfing the net for recipes.  I looked down and my chips were gone.  I asked Robert what happened to my chips.  He replied, “So, I was hungry.  I ate the chips.  Sorry.”

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