The Letter P

For some reason my internal clock went off at 6am this morning… SIX… WTF???  So much for sleeping in.  I let the boys sleep for another hour before I started waking up the house.  By the time Jim got out of the bathroom I already had Robert dressed and ready to go.  We headed out to Parkville to eat pancakes with the Lions Club.  We had stopped at the cash machine on the way there and when we went to pay for our breakfast Jim realized he had left his wallet in the car.  The older gentleman taking the money got quite a laugh out of me having to pay for our breakfast. 

After breakfast we headed down to the river front park to play on the playgrounds.  For the longest time we were the only people there and Robert had free run of both the playgrounds.  After a while it was time to head up town and wait for the parade to begin. 

While we were waiting for the parade Robert was a bit restless so I was walking around with him.  It was crowded and he was hyper so we decided to put monkey harness on him.  As we were walking along this woman approaching us shook her fist in my face.  I was a bit taken aback and did a double take to see if I knew her.  When I turned to her she shook her fist again… I decided to keep moving.  When we got back to Jim he asked if we were physically assaulted on our walk.  I told him we had been threatened it seemed.  Apparently when she got by him she muttered something about “that woman having her child on a leash”.  He had seen her pause by us but couldn’t see what had happened.  He was pissed when he heard about the fist waving.  I told him to just forget about it… it takes all kinds.  While we were watching the parade there was a couple sitting right in front of us with two year old twin boys.  One of the boys ran out into the parade route and while Mom was retrieving him the other one bolted out too.  He ran right in front of a truck in the parade.  As Dad scrambled to grab him we were all yelling for the driver (who was busy waving out the truck window and not watching the street) to stop.  He stopped… six inches from the boy.  These were good parents.  We had been talking to them all morning and our kids were playing together.  They were attentive to the boys… but kids are quick and you turn your head for a minute.  I think Mom left the parade to go buy two harnesses herself.

The parade was nice but would have been really, really short if it hadn’t been for all the politicians.  Robert had a great time clapping, cheering and waving his flag.


After the parade we came home and had some lunch and waited for the mail to come.  My check came… yeah!!!  And it was a bit more than I had expected… double yeah!!!  So we headed out to do a bit of shopping.  We hit half price books where I struck out with my list but we found a book Jim wanted and a few for Robert.  We also hit TJ Maxx and Marshall’s and I found a few things for Robert and I.

I finished Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster (my new favorite author, I want her to move next door to me) and started Pretty In Plaid by her.

Tonight I’m trying to keep Harley as calm as possible with all the fireworks going off in the neighborhood.  I wish it would storm like hell so we can get some sleep.  I got her some special bones today in hopes that they would take her mind off WWIII happening outside but so far it’s been to no avail.


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