Happy Fourth of July!!!

We had a pretty low key Fourth of July and that was just fine with me.  We spent the whole day hanging out as a family.  Robert wanted his hair spiked in the morning when we were brushing his teeth.  It’s the perfect length for spiking… I’ll have to do it more often.

Spiky Hair

We headed out to The Legends Shopping Center.  I had a coupon for Carter’s and Robert desperately needed some more summer pajamas.  I got six pairs for $36… whoo hoo!  I also noticed that his sandals are getting a bit small… he’s a size 11 now.. ugh!  Luckily Stride Rite was having a great sale and we got those for $12.

On our way home we stopped to ride the Line Creek Train… which Robert loved!

Robert & Mama Train

All Aboard

Train Ride 1
Train Ride 2
Train Ride 3
Train Ride 4 

We also had to go to Target and Daddy got Robert the TALKING Buzz Lightyear… it is sooo cool!  He talks to it and even shared dolphin pillow with him. 
Hello Buzz

The boys hung out in the hammock for a bit last night.  I’m amazed that Robert hasn’t flipped them both out of it yet.  It’s hilarious to watch him “Spiderman” around on it.

When Robert got tired of playing with Daddy he came in and stole my book.  He claimed he was reading it.  He must be Jen Lancaster’s youngest fan, if he asks for argyle socks I’ll know he understood it.

JLancaster 1
JLancaster 2

Robert was in bed at 8:15pm and out like a light by 8:30pm last night.  Jim took Harley into the guest bedroom to help keep her calm and I had Mel in the master bedroom.  Unlike most cats Mel thought it was his job to protect me from the Armageddon that was happening outside.  He keep planting his 8 pound body spread eagle across my face and batting at me ear.  I would remove him, there would be another boom and we’d start the process all over again.  I swear I still have cat fur up my nose.  Why can’t I have a normal cat that just hides under the bed???

I absolutely HAD to get a hair cut today.  It had gotten way too shaggy and was driving me nuts.  The boys dropped me off and went and got custard at Sheridan’s.  I think I got the short end of the stick but Robert sure had a good time.
Custard 1
Custard 2
Custard 3

This afternoon I made a chocolate pie for the office pot luck tomorrow.  I also made southwest summer  bbq pork chops and a summer medley veggie dish for dinner.  I got the chicken and black beans ready to go in the crock pot in the morning and made beef with zucchini as something else for Jim’s lunch.  The menu for this week is:
Tuesday:  Chicken and Black Bean Casserole
Wednesday:  Tamale Casserole
Thursday:  White Chicken Enchilada Casserole (which makes 10 servings so some will be frozen for lunches next week too!)
Friday:  No Time To Cook Chicken
Saturday:  Sausage Pepper Skillet


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