Ten On Tuesday


1.  My four day weekend was not long enough!!!  I had such a great time with the boys this weekend. 

2.  I’m STILL so sick of fireworks.  They were STILL setting them off tonight in our neighborhood… poor Harley ran for two hours solid before I finally got her coaxed into the house.

3.  Work is busy, busy, busy!!!  I’m working through my first round of grants and it will be easier once I have the firsts under my belt.  Right now the hardest part is getting feedback in a timely manner because everyone is so busy.

4.  I really need to take some time this weekend and get photos from the last six months printed.  I’m sure out of town relatives think we’re pissed at them since I haven’t sent pictures all year.  Not to mention no one has gotten any of their prints from our last photo session. 

5.  We had a potluck at work today and I am suffering serious carb overload… there were two pasta salads and mac n cheese!

6.  My migraines are back full force and making me miserable.  I need the weather to change a bit so I get some relief.

7.  Robert’s teacher told me today he much prefers playing with the older school age kids rather than the kids his own age.  Figures… he thinks he’s a big guy.

8.  Next week is free trash week in KCMO so that means I need to start cleaning out the basement, garage and closets.  I will have the largest pile.

9.  I’m loving my new smart phone and wondering how I survived so long without one.

10.  I’m excited about getting our new Constant Contact e-newsletter set up for work.  Just gotta get some grants off my desk first.


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