Today we had our Groundbreaking Ceremony for our new building at work.  Jim and Robert came and Robert absolutely stole the show.  He showed up with his hard hat, shovel and pail… seriously, he was too cute.

RC 1  

When I introduced him to people he would stick out his hand and shake hands and then point to Jim and I and say “My Mama, My Daddy”.  Hilarious!  During the speaking part of the program he decided to check out Mac the Missouri Mavericks (hockey) mascot and stuck pretty close to him.

RC & Mac 1

RC & Mac 4

RC & Mac 2

RC & Mac 3

When I was photographing the groups of people turning dirt… board, campaign committee, dignitarites, etc., Robert was right beside me with the point and shoot camera motioning with his hands for them to move left or right and saying “one, two, three”.  Luckily his voice is so soft the groups could not hear him.

Once the photographs were over and the ceremony was officially done he was all over the shovels and hard hats.  His attitude was really, “What is up with you people?  You turn the dirt once and walk off???  We’ve got a hole to dig!  Let’s go!!!”

RC 6

RC 7


RC 8

RC 22

RC 23

RC 24

RC 25

RC 17

RC 19

RC 18 

I’m so glad they came.  It’s nice to be able to share the celebration parts of my job with them since there have been a lot of late nights and early mornings the past few weeks… yeah, I know, I’ve only been there 9 weeks. 

This afternoon we went to a birthday party at the Petersen’s.  Clark turned 5, Olivia 8 and Nancy 44.  They had a nice party.  I have a lot of things to catch up on the blog… maybe sometime this week… Jim is travelling this week and I have a federal grant due on Friday so it may be another week before I get to log back on… but I’m loving my job so its’ a good thing!


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